Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Iron Man I & II & III

Ever since my Iron died - here -

I have been looking for a backup -

For her replacement -


Proctor Silex
Easy Press (TM)
Retractable Cord Iron

Right-handed cord

I think that I got it at Target -
For less than $30 -
Way back when -

These cost some serious $$$ -

  • Velocity V50 - here -
    Bypass Auto Shut-Off -
  • Reliable Corporation Digital Velocity Iron - V100 - here -
  • ROWENTA DX8900 - here -
    Professional Iron With No Auto Shut-Off
    Pricing not available
  • Rowenta Expert Pressure Iron and Steamer - here -

I looked at JoAnn - here -

I looked at Nancy’s Notions - here -

I looked at too many places to name them all -

I was having trouble finding what I wanted -

I wanted what most of them didn’t have -

I want/wanted one with NO AUTO SHUT-OFF -

I know that there are those out there -

Who LOVE the safety feature -

And I understand why the feature is there -

So no comments - please -

I am just NOT one of those people - ;))

I do not forget to turn my iron off -

I do not forget to turn my stove off -

I do not have cats - or children -

To knock my iron over -

I am a grown-up -

And perfectly capable of remembering -

To turn my Iron OFF -

When I am done using it - ;))

And I HATE to be sewing -

Turn around to press something -

Only to find that the dang thing -

Has turned itself OFF -

I can do that -

I know how - ;))

SO -

I was having trouble finding an iron -


Unless I wanted to spend a small fortune** -

And I didn't want to - ;))

So I settled for -


Panasonic Steam Iron with Micro-Mist Spray NI - L70SR - here -
Electric Cordless Steam Iron
Auto Shut-Off
Retractable Cord Iron

I talked myself into it -
Even though it cost more -
Than I wanted to pay -
And was NOT Auto Shut-Off -
Because it is cordless -
And the cord is retractable -

But I didn't realize -
Until I got it -
That the cord is RIGHT-HANDED on the base -

What is interesting -
Is that the release button -
For the detachable water tank -
Is in the perfect spot -
To press it with my LEFT thumb - ;))

So I got it all set up -


Quilty Mama - here -
Sent me this link - here -



Continental Electric CP43001 Classic Dry Iron

They are available online from Home Depot -
For about $30 -

But I found one on Amazon - here -

New: From $19.99
Electronics Warehouse Outlet

$20 plus shipping -
Still cheaper than Home Depot -
And WAY less $$$ than the others -
What a deal!! ;))

No holes -

A cord that comes from the CENTER of the iron -
Not the RIGHT -

It is a DRY iron -
So it has NO HOLES -
To snag your fabric -
OR to release steam -

Like when I was a kid -
If you want to press yardage -
Spritz it with a spray bottle of water -
Or take it out of the dryer early -
And press it while it is still damp - ;))

Here’s a side-by-side comparison -

It’s not a HUGE iron -

But it is HEAVY -

And it is -


What I wanted!! -

Thanks, Quilty Mama!! -

And Bonnie!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

**BOB says - GREAT!! - I have to pay EXTRA for you to leave OFF a feature!!
That makes sense - ;))


Katie M. said...

My SIL gave me a nice Norelco iron over the weekend that doesn't have the auto shut off. Nice steam - looks new.... don't know how longs she's had it, but I'm glad it's home with me! I have thought about getting one of those no steam irons... let me know how you like it.

Sue said...

Iron Man looks like he is on steroids. lol There are two irons in our house. My non-stick quilting iron, which gets used a lot. The other is the non-stick everything else iron....which hardly ever gets used for clothes, because both of us mostly wear clothes which need ironing....Go figure! lol

Linda C said...

I will remember all your research when it comes time to replace mine---and I know the day will come as I have owned about 6 different irons in my quilting career.

Funny story about this one. Husband thought I needed some new jeans ( I did actually) and bought some. OHHHH that is never a good idea. Too big but I guess that is better than being too tight as I am a big girl. I took them back and told him what I really, really needed was a replacement iron. It is still going almost 2 years later. I found my own jeans, thank you very much.

Cindy Quilts said...

Oh, I didn't expect a mention on your blog! I am interested to know how you like the iron after using it for a while. I think mine is dying. It has a steam feature but that has stopped working. I use mine to iron clothes occasionally and like steam for that. And, it just doesn't seem to get as hot as I would like it.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

So far I like it a LOT!!

I don't iron clothes mostly because I don't buy clothes that need ironing - haha - but I do iron/press yardage. For that - all I do is take it out of the dryer before it is completely dry and iron it dry.

When I was a kid - we would put water in a coke bottle with a little metal cap that had holes in it - we would sprinkle the clothes - roll them up and let them get kinda damp - them iron them - no steam iron needed - the damp clothes generated all of the steam - worked then - works now - ;))

And "they" say that you shouldn't use steam to press a block - because steam distorts the block. I have been pressing my blocks "dry" for a couple of days now - seems to work OK IF the iron is hot enough - and with this one I only have to set it on 5 to do the job - 5 is the setting for Cotton - 6 is for Linen.- so it CAN get hotter if I want - ;))


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