Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quilter BOB's BFF - 7/5/12

Read about Quilter BOB's BFF - HERE -

This rant is basically in three parts -

Part 1 - The Beginning -

Part 2 - The Middle -

And -

Part 3 - The End - ;))

Yesterday I directed you to The Beginning - HERE -

It was pretty much a “Modern, my a$$” sort of rant -

Today I will direct you to The Middle -

Tomorrow will be The End -

Unless I have more to say later - ;))

So -

Please read The Middle -



Thanks - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda C said...

I may never need to post a "Modern, my a$$" BFF post since you did it oh, so well but I still might. It annoys me enough. So does wonky---that just means being sloppy and care-less in my book.

But I think I may have been channeling my inner BOB that day! Please get a clue, people. Learn and use some skills, will ya??

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Wonky can be fun though sometimes - I did wonky on my "Ladies" - very liberating - didn't have to match anything - if it was too short - I added to it - if it was too long - I cut it off - ;)) Didn't turn out too bad - but I did do it on purpose - as a design choice - not to be sloppy - ;))

Linda C said...

The only time I have done wonky was when it was asked of me for a friendship block. I can't say that I necessarily enjoyed the process as I am truly at heart, and will always be, a traditional quilter. I know how to do it right and square and I want to spend my time doing that. Deliberately sewing it "wrong" and calling it modern or arts seems a little arrogant in some way---like calling a mistake your humility block like you always do it perfectly? It also makes me wonder what people will think of these quilts 100 years from now----it is sloppy work, what was she thinking, or it is art??

Having said all that, one of my dear quilting friends is into wonky, liberated, free form stuff. More power to her if that gets her sewing again but it would not be my choice. Not my quilt, do what you want.

BUT I could be wrong, way wrong---

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I call my "Lefty Twister" block "wonky" because the lines dividing the block are NOT 90-degree angles - doesn't mean the construction is sloppy or sewn "wrong". And I did "wonky" on my "Ladies" - do a search - tell me what you think - "sloppy" or "art"? - ;))


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