Friday, July 20, 2012

LHQ - Review - Ruler - O'LIPFA (R) Lip Edge Ruler - 5 x 24

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Review - O'LIPFA® Lip Edge Ruler - 5"x24"
Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Today I want to show you a REALLY cool little ruler -

That Left-Handed Quilters can use - hassle-free - ;))

My kind of ruler!! ;))

But first -

Disclaimer -
I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturer or supplier of this product - to my knowledge.
I did not get this product for FREE in exchange for a review - aka barter. I paid for it.
I have no intention of slandering or libeling anyone or any product.
I am simply stating my opinions - I could be wrong - you may disagree.
My opinions are based on my experience with this product - your results may vary.
I think that about covers it - if I missed something - let me know.
I am not a lawyer - and I am just trying to cover my a$$. ;)).

I use this particular ruler quite often -
But I haven’t done a proper REVIEW yet -
It is a VERY handy ruler -

It’s called the -
Model 11111 - 5” x 24”
Made by O’Lipfa -
Made in the USA

It comes in an 18" length -
But I personally prefer the longer - 24" - one -
Just my personal preference - ;))

Description -
The bottom of the ruler has two sets of numbers -
I use the bottom row - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
And sometimes put stickers on the other numbers -
To cover them up - if they get in my way - ;))

The lines are easy to see -
Solid lines on the half-inch marks -
Thinner solid lines on the quarter-inch marks -
And dashes on the eighth-inch marks -

NOTE - this is similar to the Omnigrid -
But somehow - not nearly as “cluttered” to me -
Just my opinion - I could be wrong - ;))

Where you can get it - 

You should check your Local Quilt Shop and your favorite suppliers -
As prices do vary - and some items may be on sale - or not - ;))

Or you can check Amazon - here -

Some other sites that may or may not have stuff are -

Nancy's Notions

What I LIKE about this ruler -

I like that it has a lip at the top edge -
That hooks on the end of the cutting mat -
Kinda like a “T-square” -
Line up the ruler markings with the mat -
And it won’t slip -

What I DON’T like about this ruler -

Nothing comes to mind - ;))

How I use it to Straighten an edge -

Fold the fabric with the bulk of it to the LEFT -
Line up the ruler -
Hooking the lip edge -
And cut along the LEFT edge -

How I use it to cut a 45-degree diagonal -

At the bottom of the ruler -
It has markings for 45-degree lines -
And 60-degree lines -
Going in BOTH directions -
We LEFTIES can use the ones -
That go from the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER -
To the TOP RIGHT -

To use the 45-degree line -
Starting at the RIGHT end of your strip -
Line up the bottom of your strip -
Along the 45-degree line of the ruler -
And cut along the LEFT side -

Same goes for the 60-degree line -
Just use the 60-degree line - ;))

Would I recommend this ruler to another Left-Handed Quilter?

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

P.S. BOB has a fun idea - check it out - here - ;))


Linda C said...

we have a couple of them at the meeting place that others seem to like as well.

My favs are the Trudie Hughes Big Daddy and Big Mama but that is just me!

Hope you had a fun day sewing.

Sue said...

Ooohhh what a brilliant idea. Love it!


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