Saturday, July 28, 2012

QJ - JRRQ #2

JRRQ #2 - aka -

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted By Mgr
50” x 64”
Started – November 2, 2011
Top Completed – November 2, 2011
Back Completed - May 3, 2012
To Mgr for Quilting - June 2, 2012

Pattern – Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Quilt Pattern – Deb’s Feathers

Made for H -

Front -

Back -

Close-up of the quilting -

This was my second Jelly Roll Race Quilt -.

If you have never heard of a JELLY ROLL RACE QUILT - watch the video - it's terrific!!

Strips sewn end to end -
I like to join them with straight seams -
It’s just easier for me -

The story starts with Scrappy Saturday - 7/30/11 - here -

For the rest of the story -
Please type “Jelly Roll Race Quilt” -
In the Search Box -

I made three Jelly Roll Race Quilts -

For three little girls -

Three little sisters -

The first one - for the oldest sister -
Has a burgundy label -
And white/pink cupcakes on the back

The second one - for the second sister -
Has a gold label -
And yellow/blue cupcakes on the back

The third one - for the youngest sister -
Has a purple/violet label -
And green/coral cupcakes on the back

QJ - 2012


Linda C said...

You did well! Wow, three of these. Yours look wonderful and three people have quilts after you took such good care of them.

I did one with pals over a sewing weekend. Mine is scrappy strips, not coordinated jelly rolls strips. It was not my favorite quilt or technique but it does NOT have to live at my house. Actually at the present time it is the next one up in my donation pile.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks! I LOVE the technique for a quick little kid quilt. And you know that I have a ton of scrappy strips - but - for me - a pre-cut jelly roll is the way to go It will look great no matter what because the colors/fabrics are already coordinated. I can choose a jelly roll and just SEW - SEW - SEW - ;))


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