Sunday, July 29, 2012

QJ - Raggedy Ann


Machine Pieced
Hand Embroidered
Hair - Hand-tied

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Pattern - McCall's #5713 (C) 1977

I made the Raggedy "Ann" for our daughter -

And the Raggedy "Andy" for our son -

As Christmas presents in 1977 -

Finding the time to sew -

After the kids went to sleep in the evening -

And at work during my lunch hours -

Couldn't have them see me working on their presents - ;))

The next year -

At the County Fair -

October 1978 -

Only one entry was allowed in the category -

So I chose "Ann" -

She won a blue ribbon - ;))

QJ - 1978

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  1. OH, too cute and brought back memories. I made Raggedy Ann dolls for my girls (as well as many others) and when I made one for my first granddaughter for Christmas, my daughter cried! She said it brought back so many memories from her childhood. She was living in Missouri and was a bit homesick ;-)


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