Monday, January 4, 2016

One more -

Today I finished one more Choc-O-Cherry block -
Choc-O-Cherry Turnover Treat -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Monica Solorio-Snow -
HERE - ;))

I know it looks wonky -

But I'm not going to trim it -

Or ANY of them -

Until I get them ALL done -

And then I'll trim them to match the smallest one - ;))

And between the seams I finished up the Basic Math 4-patch twosies -
Basic Math Quilt -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Debbie Grifka -
HERE - ;))

And three of the 4-patches themselves - ;))

I know that I am a S-L-O-W P-O-K-E Quilter -

BUT I ENJOY the process -

And I don't really care how long it takes -

I just keep chugging along - ;))

That's how I managed to get my Left-Handed Quilter's Sampler Quilt done -

All NINETY-NINE NINE-Patches - ;))

Check out the last page/tab at the top of the this page -

It turned out pretty neat -

If I must say so myself - ;))

My Left-Handed Quilter’s Sampler Quilt -

LHQSQ for short - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Your sampler is amazing! I love your "border" choice.

    1. Thanks, Katie!! - it took me almost two years - but I like the way it turned out - ESPECIALLY the "border".

      As I told Karen when I finally got it together -

      ...since I REALLY don't like trying to add long borders to a huge top - too unwieldy for me - I decided to add another couple of rounds of blocks instead - and I like the result. I may do the same thing to another quilt in the queue. This top took me a long time - but is "Together at last!!" - ;))


I love reading your comments -
they let me know that I'm not just talking to myself - ;))

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