Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year - New Projects

Hope you all had a Happy New Year -

And that you got to do some FUN things yesterday -

And that you have even more FUN things planned for this weekend -

Before "reality" shows up bright and early Monday morning - UGH!! - ;))

Yesterday I got up early for a change -

At least it was early for me -

'Cuz I'm a night owl and BOB doesn't DO mornings - ;))

Anyway - after I turned on the coffee pot -

I turned on my computer -

Checked out some stuff -

And am still wondering what the heck Yahoo did with the comics -

But then I decided not to sweat the small stuff -

And it IS all small stuff - ;))

This year I thought that I would TRY to PRACTICE my FMQ -

And TRY to QUILT something -

Even if it's just plain old quilt-in-the-ditch -


I also LOVE the piecing part -


I gathered up some patterns and fabrics -

And "cut and kitted" up some projects - ;))

I showed you one the other day -

Mill House Inn -
By Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree & Co for Moda

A Layer Cake -
Two Charm Packs -
And one Turnover - ;))

The Layer Cake is destined for a Churn Dash Pinwheel -
Missouri Star Quilt Co -
Disappearing Pinwheel Part 2 - The Churn Dash Pinwheel -
HERE - ;))

The Charm Packs may wind up being coasters -
Haven't decided yet - ;))

The Turnover is perfect for the Choc-O-Cherry Turnover Treat -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Monica Solorio-Snow -
HERE - ;))

Then I found another wonderful Layer Cake -
Double Chocolat - 3 Sisters - Moda
And I cut it up for the Basic Math Quilt -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Debbie Grifka -
HERE - ;))

I picked out another couple of patterns -

And chose the fabrics from my stash -

But I'll tell you about them later - ;))

Right now I want to show you the first Choc-O-Cherry block -

I have the rest of them all sorted out -

And I plan to make them one at a time -

Because I think that I'll get myself confused if I try to chain-piece them -

Since I can't walk and chew gum at the same time - ;))

I'm also going to wait until they are all done before trimming them down -

Since I don't know yet which one will be the "smallest" one -

And I need them all to be the same size - ;))

Hopefully, this year I can Piece a little -

Quilt a little -

Blog a little -

Read a little -

Play a little -

And Sleep a lot - haha - ;))


Oh, hey - gotta share - ;))

You guys know that I don't usually post personal stuff -

BUT - this time I have to make an exception - ;))

Grandson #2 is a Freshman at the local Community College -

And just finished his very first college semester -

He called me on New Year's Eve -

To wish me a Happy New Year -

And to tell me that he made the Dean's List!! -

He got Straight A's!! -

Woo Hoo!! - ;))

How's THAT for starting the NEW YEAR off with a BANG?!?! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Congrats to the grandson!
Now - make a resolution to learn to quilt AND to chain piece. You can get so much more done chain piecing.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Gene - I DO chain piece most of the time, but with this particular block, I don't think it will work for me. Each block has two colors for the center Hourglass bit - then has two more colors in opposite corners to framing it - and then another round with two more colors framing that. If I were to try to chain piece it. I would surely mess up the colors that I so patiently sorted. The "Basic Math" quilt, on the other hand, will DEFINITELY be chain pieced - that one should be a no-brainer - ;))


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