Monday, January 11, 2016

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - HST - the Liz Katsuro Way - for LEFTIES

OK - here's the deal -

I told you yesterday that I found a HST Challenge on Liz Katsuro's site -
Liz Katsuro at Jelly Roll Fabrics - HERE -

Then I followed her HST Tutorial - tweaking it a bit -

And made a bunch and put them on the wall for Design Wall Monday this morning - ;))

I REALLY wanted to show you how I tweaked her Tutorial -



I emailed Liz to ask her permission -

Hi Liz -

I am A Left-Handed Quilter and had to tweak your HST tutorial a bit because of my left-handedness.

Do you mind if I show my tweaks on my blog? (alefthandedquilter - dot - blogspot - dot - com)

I absolutely do NOT want to infringe on your copyright for your technique or anything so I thought I would ask your permission before posting any "how-to" photos for the lefties out there in blogland.


And she emailed me back -
Kitty, feel free!! :D Liz K.
To which I replied -
THANK YOU!! - ;))



Here are the tweaks I made to her tutorial - ;))

But first -

You need to know what I'm tweaking - ;))

If you go to her website - Jelly Roll Fabrics - HERE -

Sign up for her Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns and her Newsletter -
And she will email you news of SALES and FREE PATTERNS and FREE TUTORIALS - ;))

Here are some of her important links -

Half Square Triangle Challenge Quilt Blog - HERE -

2016 HST Challenge Week One - Spinner - HERE -

Which has important links to other stuff on her website -
Including the HST Tutorial - HERE -

The HST Tutorial is the one I'm tweaking -

You will need to read/download it to know what I'm talking about - ;))

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

First of all -

My cutting mat is set with the 1" marks in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER -

The 45-degree line goes from the BOTTOM RIGHT to the TOP LEFT -
Which is OK if you are RIGHT-handed -
But it's BACKWARDS for a LEFTY - ;))

We need the 45-degree line to go from the BOTTOM LEFT to the TOP RIGHT -
So we can cut the diagonal from LEFT to RIGHT - ;))

So I went around to the other side of my cutting mat -
To see if I could do it from the other side -
And NOPE - same problem -
The diagonal still goes from the BOTTOM RIGHT to the TOP LEFT - ;))

So - back to square one -

And then I remembered my Quarter-Turn Trick - HERE - ;))

If I stand at the END of my cutting table -
And look at the mat -
The 1" marks are in the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER -

And the 45-degree line goes from the BOTTOM LEFT to the TOP RIGHT -
So we CAN cut the diagonal from LEFT to RIGHT -
PERFECT!! - ;))

So I sewed the strips according to her Instructions -
Notice I did NOT say Directions -
Instructions are NOT the same thing as Directions -
I did a post on that distinction a while back - HERE - ;))

Anyway - I lined up the "tube" the way she said -

And cut off the LEFT end - like so -

Flipped it like she says -
And cut the first HST - ;))

It came out OK -
But I must have done something wrong -
Because she only had one dog-ear to trim -
And - as you can see - I have two - ;))

I cut a couple more -
Then I got antsy and decided to fold the strip in half and cut two at a time - ;))

I worked my way to the fold on the RIGHT end of the strip -

Opened up that last one - pressed it -

And saw that it was a bit bigger than the rest -
So I used one of the other ones as a guide -
To trim off the extra bit from the LEFT edge - ;))

I managed to get 19 HST from my strips -

Which isn't bad considering that she eked out 20 from hers -

And one of my strips was shorter than the other to begin with -

And we only need 16 anyway - ;))

I don't know yet if I'm going to do the Challenge -

Since I'm not a big fan of units/blocks that have bias outside edges -

But it is an interesting technique -

And now you know how to do it LEFT-HANDED - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ah...Okay. The way I knew to do it was to sew two squares together all the way around the outside edges (faces together) and cut it on the diagonals. From that you get four HSTs.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Both ways will give you HST with the outside edges on the bias - and her way uses "Jelly Rolls" - which just happens to be what she sells. It IS an interesting technique if you don't mind the bias edges - but personally, I prefer my outside edges to be on the straight-of-grain - ;))

Katie M. said...

I have the "Wonder Ruler" that uses this concept - making the tube. I tried it, and then 'wondered' why I wasted my money... I guess it's okay for straight edge cutting ....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie - I just checked and found a "Wonder Cut Ruler" in the drawer with all of my other unused rulers - it still has the shrink-wrap plastic on it. I guess I realized the outside edges would be on the bias and never even bothered to open the package. I often "wonder" why the bias edges don't bother other people - but then again - it's probably just me - ;))


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