Tuesday, January 12, 2016

HST Challenge - 1st block -

So I made the first block in the HST Challenge - ;))

I found the HST Challenge on Liz Katsuro's site -
Liz Katsuro at Jelly Roll Fabrics - HERE - ;))

Liz didn't include pressing directions in her instructions -

So as I made the HST -

I automatically pressed them all to the "dark" side - ;))

I wasn't paying attention when I sewed them together -
And should have flipped some of them -
Because I wound up with lumps -
My fault - not hers - ;))

So I "unsewed" and "resewed" them -
And pressed the top right one to the "light" side -
And pressed the top pair to the right -
And the bottom pair to the left -

And that didn't work -
I had a lump in the center -
(Forgot to take a photo of that) -
Still my fault - not hers - ;))

So I "unsewed" and "resewed" them again -
Still pressing the top right one to the "light" side -
But then pressed the top pair to the left -
And the bottom pair to the right -

That seemed to worked better -

But the poor things had been "unsewn" and "resewn" -
So many times by that time -
I had stretched the bias edges out of shape - ;))

I know -

I should have worked out the pressing order -

BEFORE I sewed them together -

But hindsight is 20/20 - ;))

And even though I am not a fan of blocks with the outside edges on the bias -

This is a cool technique -

And one that I would like to try again -

Being more careful with my cutting -

And my pressing -

And watching the bias edges -


I saw another SQUIRREL!! - ;))

So I'm going to add this block to the orphan pile of Christmas blocks -

Waiting to be made into a sampler quilt -

And chase that SQUIRREL!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I usually stand at the ironing board and figure out my pressing...and sometimes when I start to sew, I run back and switch the direction of a seam.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like patterns that tell me which way to press. If they don't - I usually try to figure out a pressing sequence so that the bottom pieces are going "down" when I sew them together and the seams nest nicely. But even then I sometimes wind up with seams going the "wrong" direction when I get further down the line. Whether or not I go back and do some "unsewing" and/or re-pressing to switch the direction of the seams - or I just "go with it" and let them go whichever way they want to go - probably depends on my mood that day - and the size of the lumps - haha - ;))


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