Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Decisions, decisions...

This past week and a half has been a doozy - ;))

BOB** and I have been trying to decide whether to go back to this old computer -

And re-install all of the programs that I took off when I upgraded to the one that broke -

Or to wait and install them on a new computer -

And if I get a new computer -

What kind do I get??? - ;))

Do you guys realize HOW MANY choices are out there??? - ;))

Dang!!! - ;))

So - after much back and forth discussion -

Since BOB and I don't always agree -

I finally decided and ordered a new one this afternoon - ;))

If you're interested in my decision-making process -

Please read on -

If you're not -

Feel free to check back later for "quilty" stuff - ;))


First, let me explain that I am a retired CPA and that I tend to overthink stuff to the max. It's an occupational hazard. The only way I made it through tax season - year after year after year - was to start planning months in advance and to try to anticipate problems before they became reality. I used to bounce ideas and plans off my boss and my husband - but since I no longer work, there is no boss - and since my husband died, there is no husband - only BOB - my alter-ego - Bitchy Old Broad. I try to be nice - BOB tends to tell it like it is - ;))

So - as you already know - if you read my last post - the fan on my computer broke and I dug out my old one. I checked with various family members and friends - what they had - what they recommended, etc. -

And then BOB and I discussed it - ;))

For the sake of this discussion I'll call the broken one - Bruce - and the older one - Sheba.

Our conversation went kinda like this -

Me - Oh, crap!! The fan just died on Bruce!!
BOB - So dig out the old one - Sheba!!

Me - OK - dug her out - and charged her up!
BOB - Well - that took FOREVER!!

Me - Yeah - but she's up and running - and QUIET!!
BOB - Way quieter than Bruce - that dang fan seemed to run constantly - and it was LOUD compared to Sheba!

Me - So maybe I can just use this one for a while.
BOB - But you took off all of the programs you use all the time.

Me - But it still has Word - and access to the internet.
BOB - But it doesn't have Excel - or EQ7 - or any of your other little fun ones.

Me - So I can reload those.
BOB - But why waste the time if you're going to get a new one.

Me - Maybe I don't need a new one.
BOB - Well, you must have needed a new one or you wouldn't have bought Bruce.

Me - Good point.
BOB - Bruce is faster - more RAM - more hard drive space.

Me - So using Sheba would be a step backward, right?
BOB - Right.

Me - OK - so I wait until I get a new computer before I reload all of my favorite programs.
BOB - That makes sense.

Me - So - if I get a new one - do I want Windows 10 - or a touch-screen?
BOB - I think you need to decide what you want to do with it first.

Me - I want to be able to check my email - do my blog - check other blogs - run Word and Excel for my spreadsheets - and EQ7 and all of my little fun ones.
BOB - All of the stuff that you can do on Sheba - only faster??

Me - Yeah - that's pretty much it.
BOB - So what features does it have to have?

Me - Well - they ALL have internet access - so that's probably not a factor.
BOB - You're right - so what else?

Me - It has to have a numeric keypad for data entry - I am a retired CPA after all - ;))
BOB - OK - that's #1 requirement. That should narrow the field a bit.

Me - And I don't care if it has a touch-screen or not. I have a tablet for games.
BOB - OK - that doesn't matter - moving on.

Me - It would be nice if it would run all of my programs without "compatibility" issues.
BOB - Well - you KNOW they run on Window 7 - maybe they still make those.

Me - But if I'm getting a new computer - maybe I should get Windows 10.
BOB - Would you rather spend your time learning Windows 10 or learning how to Free-Motion Quilt?

Me - Free-Motion Quilt.
BOB - And if your programs won't run on Windows 10 - then what?

Me - Then I'm going to be frustrated and mad.
BOB - So maybe you don't want Windows 10.

Me - Maybe I don't.
BOB - Do they still make computers with Windows 7?

Me - I don't know.
BOB - But you can find out - ;))

Me - Hey - guess what?
BOB - What?

Me - They DO still make computers with Windows 7!
BOB - They do?

Me - Yup!!
BOB - But isn't that a step backward?

Me - Not if it has more RAM - and a bigger hard drive - and runs FASTER than Bruce!
BOB - So - are you going to order one?

Me - Already did!
BOB - Terrific!

Me - I think I'm going to take my time getting it all set up - and then when I'm up and running - back to normal - I'm going to check out the Windows 10 versions with touch-screens - without the stress of "You need a new computer - NOW!!".

BOB - Maybe you could get one for your birthday or for Christmas!!

Me - In RED!!

BOB - Atta girl!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

**NOTE -
For those of you who don't know -
BOB is my alter-ego -
Bitchy Old Broad -
Not to be confused with AccuQuilt's BOB -
Block-On-Board -
As if anyone would ever confuse the two - ;))


Gene Black said...

LOL... That is the kind of "discussion" I have with "the old pennypincher" when I am looking to buy something.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Whew! - Glad it's not just me - ;))

Sew Surprising said...

Im slowly bonding with my new laptop, to be honest its not a hot romance like I had with 7 hahahahahah

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I hear you - I LOVE my 7 - and 10 is just not ringing my bells - ;))

The more I look at 10 - and the touch-screen features of the newer computers - the more "overkill" they seem to me - for what "I" do on my computer. I don't do PowerPoint or Outlook - and I don't do Facebook or Twitter or Instagram - so why bother with having little icons for those? They would just take up space - ;))

I have a touch-screen on my tablet - so I tried to play "Minesweeper" on it last night - and I kept "touching" the tile NEXT TO the tile I wanted to "touch" - what a royal pain!! I can imagine me trying to actually DO something on a touch-screen computer - UGH!! - I'd be constantly touching the wrong thing - and who knows what kind of trouble I would get into doing that. So I think for the time-being - that I'll stick to 7 - and spend some quality time with my sewing machines - ;))

Katie M. said...

Choices, choices, choices.... I haven't 'downloaded' Windows 10 yet - I keep getting a notice to do the 'free' upgrade. My friend did and she told me it took about 4 hours. So, I still haven't done it. I don't use the Microsoft programs anyway, so probably not something I need... My son keeps telling me I need a 'faster' computer. I keep telling him mine works at my speed :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Good answer - good answer!! - ;)) I'm a boomer - and back in the dark ages - when computers first came out - I would figure out what programs I wanted/needed to run - then find a computer that would run those programs. I think "gamers" do the same thing - if the "game" they want to play needs so-and-so speed and so-and-so RAM and hard disk space - that's what they get. I didn't get a new computer and then look around for a tax program that I could run on it - it was the other way around. But there were times that I went for the "upgrade" only to find out that it wasn't "compatible" with my "old" programs - and BOB was NOT happy. So BOB wants to know - if the new "faster" computers won't run the programs that I use - because they are "old" - then why would I want to get one?? I can get more speed and RAM and hard disk space without going to 10 - so why bother?? - ;))


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