Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another one -

Today was supposed to be a "business" day -

Chores - paying bills - getting a head start on tax stuff -

That sort of stuff -

BUT - it was raining - ;))

We're expecting heavy rain for the next couple of days -

And I wasn't sure if the power was going to go out or not -

And I didn't want to risk being on the computer -

In the middle of something "important" -

And have the lights go out - ;))

My computer has a short-time battery back-up -

But why risk it? - ;))

I've already paid the mortgage for this month -

And - as usual - I went through the rest of the pad of checks -

And entered the NEW YEAR - "16" - in the date space -

Because I don't want to accidentally date one LAST YEAR - 2015 - ;))

Depending on how long it takes me to go through those checks -

I may do the same thing with the next pad -

At least until my Swiss-cheese brain gets used to the New Year being 2016 - ;))

Anyway - the rain gave me a great excuse to NOT do "business" stuff today -

As if I need an excuse - ;))

So - instead - I played with an idea I have for some baby quilts -

Worked it out on paper -

Using some Simple Math -

But still gotta test it on some fabric - ;))

Like the Basic Math Quilt -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Debbie Grifka -

It SHOULD work -

It's just Simple Math - ;))

Then I sewed some more -

And got this - ;))

Choc-O-Cherry block #4 -
Choc-O-Cherry Turnover Treat -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Monica Solorio-Snow -
HERE - ;))

And between the seams I finished up the Basic Math 4-patches -
And got four of the two-patches done -
Basic Math Quilt -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Debbie Grifka -
HERE - ;))

I have been "Quilting" a little in the evenings after I write and post my progress for the day. Nothing special - just some stitching to echo the seams on an old Walmart quilt that would probably shred if I tossed it in the washing machine without stabilizing it first - and it really needs a good washing - ;))

And before you ask - WHY did I have an old Walmart quilt on my bed instead of one of my own? - let me remind you that I have a King-size bed and most of my quilts are smaller - and still tops - ;))

I thought that I might use this old one for practice. It's the equivalent of a thread-basted quilt and I'm getting the hang of feeding it through the skinny throat of my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. I almost said "domestic" sewing machine but my definition of "domestic" (of or made in one's country) doesn't include machines made in Sweden - ;))

I have also been thinking about my WORD for the year. It seems to be all the rage these days - with bloggers choosing a word or phrase as their mantra for the year to come. Last year I chose "Lighten Up" and I did - pretty much. The year before that was really intense with the death of my husband, so "Lighten Up" suited me. I think I know which WORD I want - but I need to write up a post - then I'll share - ;))

On a totally different non-quilting/non-blogging subject - I got a Kindle a couple of years ago for Christmas and I like to read "Mystery - Suspense - Thrillers". One night I was browsing the Kindle ebooks on Amazon looking for freebies that were ranked 4 stars and above and I found this one. I got it for free - but now I see that it's $0.99 for the Kindle Edition.

A Prospect of Death - A.E. Greystone - HERE -
Kindle Edition - $0.99
Set in small town America, A Prospect of Death presents a Backwoods narrative of life in a place which outwardly seems like any other. The main character, Virgil, draws together eight unique characters and tells us how, over the course of several years, their lives knitted together through chance and coincidence and ultimately led to a tragic incident which changed them all forever.
Be sure to read the entire ONE review - it is "Well worth a look".
In part, he/she says -
Entertaining and interesting, ultimately disturbing and uncomfortable.
5 from 5 ...... had me asking myself questions, I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer to.
That pretty much sums up the way I feel about it. I finished it a couple of nights ago and I can't stop thinking about it.

Does anyone out there know Clint Eastwood? I think he should make it into a movie - it's a helluva story - ;))

Oh, and in case you're wondering - the power hasn't gone out today yet -

Maybe later - or tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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