Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Please stand by...

We are experiencing technical difficulties!! - ;((

The internal "fan" on my computer had been making noise -

And I had asked a friend to see if he could find a replacement fan to fix it - ;))

No luck - ;((

And BOB thought -
It figures -
Why would the computer company make replacement parts -
When they can force you to buy a whole new computer instead? - :))

So anyway -

I got a desktop external fan to put underneath the laptop -

But it was just a matter of time before the internal fan decided to quit on me -

And Sunday morning - it decided - ;((


It flashed on and off the screen too fast to write it down -

But the general gist of it was -

Computer detected defective internal fan and will shut down in 15 seconds -

And it did - ;((


I dug out my old laptop -

And have been trying to get it back up and running - ;))

Sunday I wasn't in the mood to deal with it - AT ALL -

And my tech support (husband) isn't available anymore -

So I played with it on Monday - ;))

I plugged it in - it took FOREVER to charge back up -

And I finally managed to get on the internet yesterday afternoon -

Checked my gmail - and a couple of blogs -

Then called it a day - ;))

This morning it took me over an hour and a half to get the printer installed - ;))

I thought I would try to put up a quick post to check-in -

And then I'm going to call it a day - again - ;))

This was NOT what I had planned for this week - ;((

All of this computer stuff makes my head hurt -

And now I have to consider whether or not I want to get a NEW computer -

And RE-LEARN a NEW one AGAIN - for the umpteenth time - UGH!!! -

With or without Windows 10 - with or without a touch screen - ;))

Seems you can't do anything without being ONLINE -

So I guess I'll have to bite the bullet -

But BOB hates being FORCED to get a new computer -

When it would have been SO easy -

To just replace the "fan" -

If they bothered to make one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ugh! the fan is usually made as a part of the processor so you would have a major upgrade- and laptops are typically all made on a single board too. I wish you were close so I could have a look at it.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Gene - I wish you were close, too!! BOB is thinking she may go back to paper and pencil for the important stuff and leave the computer for "surfing" and "blogging" only - ;))

Sew Surprising said...

I feel your pain, my laptop was rushed to ICU and promptly wound up in the morg half an hour later :( Now Im using a new laptop with Windows 10 and grumbling everytime I want to do something, why unearth they have to change things is beyond me :(

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks - I'm back to my old laptop and it doesn't have all of the programs on it that my newer one has/had. I don't really want to reload them all on this old one if I'm going to have to load them again on a newer one - so I'm grumbling right along with you every time I want to do something. And I still haven't decided if I want to go with Windows 10 or find a new computer with Windows 7 - I LIKE Windows 7 - ;))


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