Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The rest of them -

It rained again today -

So here's the rest of them - ;))

All TEN of the Choc-O-Cherry Turnover Treat blocks -
Choc-O-Cherry Turnover Treat -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Monica Solorio-Snow -
HERE - ;))

I had to take down the Basic Math Quilt 4-patches & 2-patches to make room - ;))
Basic Math Quilt -
Moda Bake Shop - Original Recipe - by Debbie Grifka -
HERE - ;))

You may be wondering how I managed to get SIX of them done today -

When I was only able to make ONE a day for the past couple of days - ;))

Well - it's because I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes -

And I had convinced myself that I couldn't chain-piece these -

Without messing them up - ;))

I EVENTUALLY realized that I COULD do them "assembly-line" -

If I used my handy-dandy Mini-Design Boards - HERE -

And sewed them in "rounds" - ;))

Here they are - loaded up and ready to go -

And the little basket of Basic Math Quilt 2-patches -
If I need to make one between the seams -
To keep myself organized - ;))

I also dug out my Steady Betty - HERE -
Which really helped with the pressing -
And getting the centers to match - ;))

They are pricey - but worth it - ;))
Silly me - I had put mine in the closet one day when I was "organizing" -
And forgot that I even had it - ;))

I was able to press most of the block centers in a Four-Patch Spiral - ;))
I say "most" because I forgot on some of them -
Swiss-cheese brain again - ;))

I have seen this technique referred to as "spinning the seams" -

But I first found it in a book by Billie Lauder -

Quick Quilt Tricks by Billie Lauder - 2nd Edition - c) 2002 -

On page 6 - she explains how to "Press in a Four Patch Spiral" - ;))

She also did a youtube video - Four Patch Spiral Technique by Billie Lauder - HERE -

You can find some of her other youtube videos - HERE -

This lady is incredible and BOB and I don't think she gets near the credit that she deserves - ;))

Anyway - I got on a roll and finished the rest of them - ;))

The pattern calls for 2 rows of 5 blocks each -

Ten 8" finished blocks -

And a finished table runner - 16" x 40" -

But my blocks are coming out closer to 10" each -

So I may just go with a single row of three -

And make three of them -

With one extra block for a mini-mat -

Or I may make two runners three blocks long -

And another one four blocks long -

Or a 3x3 table topper and a mini-mat -

Or a 2x4 and a 2x2 - ;))
EDIT UPDATE - Make that a 2x4 & a 1x2 - I don't have 12 blocks and can't count - ;))

Oh, the possibilities!! - ;))

I don't have any more "turnover" triangles -

So I can't make any more blocks without digging into the Layer Cake and/or Charm Packs -

And I have plans for the Layer Cake - ;))

I could save them and work them into a project using the Charm Packs - ;))

Do you guys have any suggestions???????? - ;))

It's supposed to rain again tomorrow -

So I might get ANOTHER day to PLAY - ;))

YAY!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ah HA! told ya so. ;-) Great job.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Gene - You were SO right!! - I KNEW you were going to say "told ya so" as soon as I wrote my post - and I TOTALLY deserve it!! You DID tell me to chain-piece them. I should have listened to you - but I just couldn't wrap my head around exactly HOW to do that without getting them all mixed up. I forgot all about my little Mini-Design boards - silly me - ;))


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