Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Game Time!!

Hey guys - Edit from Hungary has a Game and GIVEAWAY!!

Edit and I traded some fabric and embroidery and paprika not too long ago -

And I posted about it - here -

She has some really pretty prizes -

So - if you want to play -

Go to her blog - here -

and leave a comment -

Tell her Kitty sent you !!

I left a comment wishing her a Happy Birthday -
in English -

Dear Edit -

Happy Birthday! I love the embroidery and paprika you sent me. I like seeing your work - and reading your blog. If I win - I would like the red one. It is very nice. Thank you.

and then used Google translator to say it again in Hungarian -
YAY for Google translator - I DO NOT speak Hungarian!! ;))

Kedves Edit -

Boldog születésnapot! Szeretem a hímzés és a paprika te küldtél engem. Szeretem látni a munkát - és az olvasás a blog. Ha nyerek - Szeretném, ha a pirosat. Ez nagyon szép. Köszönöm.

Then she replied -
in English -

Dear Kitty!

A lot of users are from America, but few appear to play. They said they can nottranslate the page. Please, you make sure the top right hand corner with the Googletranslator?
I am very glad that you liked the Hungarian gift. I have more fabric you sent me.
I'm sewing a pillow in one package to Sharm
Please urge your American people to play with me! :)

Hugs: Edit


So use the Google translator button on her blog -
(Somehow Google translates her blog for me automatically - but don't ask me how -
I have NO clue!! ;))

And go ahead - PLAY -

She has some really pretty stuff!!

Just don't ask her for the RED one -

I want THAT one!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

1 comment:

Katie M. said...

Oh, dear, I did got to Edit's page, used the translator and I am confused - not unusual for me :-) But I hope you win.


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