Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Orca Bay - 1/2/12


Those of us who are linking up with Judy L. at Patchwork Times - Design Wall Monday -
and -
Those of us who are playing along with Bonnie Hunter's ORCA BAY MYSTERY QUILT -
are linking up on Mondays.  Check out our progress on her blog - Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!
We are all working at our own pace - following along with her clues -

I'm linking up with them both -
And - since I am LEFT-HANDED - I'm also adding my LHQ blurb -

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

You gotta admit - I was PRETTY damn close!!

Check this out - here -

I figured out the "geese" and the blue "cornerstones" -

I just had the geese framing the white blocks not the black ones -

So I guess you could say that I "just reversed it" - ;))

And I might just do my Orca Bay - My Way - ;))

Anyway - I think Bonnie is AMAZING!

And I LOVE her Mysteries!!!!!!!!

I can't keep up with the speed demons out there - but I have FUN anyway!!

I spent most of Saturday cutting out the red squares -

And I got a little carried away - ;))

I know we only needed 56 for the blocks -

But figured - what the hey - might as well cut some for the corners on the red string blocks - and away I went -

I used my 2-1/2” die -
And just layered some scraps for starters -

Then I layered a sheet of paper from an old flyer -
(The same stuff I used for the foundation squares on the string blocks) -

Then the mat -
And ran it through -

Now - this would have gone MUCH faster if I could have gotten some CLEAN cuts!!

After some clipping -

And more clipping -

I got some pretty cool squares -

I thought I had layered too many -
But the next batch didn’t come out any better -

So - I took my time and eventually got this -

I made the two extra LARGER HST -
And cut the neutral 2-1/2” squares -
I needed 112 - I got 113 - one extra - ;))

Then I cut the 100 HST from my neutrals -
And a couple extras -

So I still have the 112 black squares and 700 wings left to cut -
(The triangle die should be in by the end of the week - YAY!! ;)) -

And a WHOLE LOT OF SEWING still to do -

But - I like having all the pieces cut out - ready to pull when I need them - gives me a chance to plan the colors a little - so that I don’t use up all of one fabric in one section when I really want some of it in another part of the quilt -

So I guess there is an advantage to being a SLOW POKE QUILTER -

And besides -

A surprise bonus -

When I cut out the 2-1/2” squares - I layered the fabric with paper flyers - so I got a bunch of 2-1/2” paper squares as a bonus -

I’m having a little trouble getting my QST to come out to 2-1/2” - so guess what??

I cut the paper squares diagonally - and now I can use them as a guide when I sew the Part 1 pairs into the QST - cool, huh???

So now I’m going to PLAY while everyone else in the house watches the parade and football gamessssssssssssssssssssssss - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Karen S said...

I like all these colors you're using -- they will be great sewn together!

Editfolt said...

this machine you do that? Were very nice. I wonder Quilted finished!

Linda said...

I've had some problems with some of my dies not cutting too. For as much as they cost I really do expect them to work better. Grrrr!! I do like your tip about the paper for the static so I'm going to try that. And don't worry about being a slow-pock.... I'm right here with you if not behind you. ;0)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda! The paper trick was actually Bonnie's, I do believe - she used it when she cut some red/neutral sets on her Studio cutter not long ago. I'm glad (?) that I'm not the only one with the dies not cutting all the way through - but it must be something WE are doing wrong, right? Couldn't be the machine - everybody LOVES their Accuquilt! ;)) Except me and BOB - she really needs to do a review - but it would probably alienate my readers, huh??

Katie said...

How frustrating that your die isn't cutting. Have you contacted the manufacturer? Maybe they've had a bad batch and will replace yours? It seems for what you pay and how they advertise, that shouldn't be a problem. But you're getting there and will have a beautiful quilt whenever you get it finished. (My mom got to the sewing it all together part and was hurrying so much, she had to rip out a LOT, so I think your slow poke method has more advantages than you realize!)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie! Maybe replacing the die IS an option - I'll have to check that out. Tell your mom that I did the SAME thing when I made Bonnie's "Christmas Lights" - I rushed through the little four-patches - and had to rip and resew a LOT of them - so that the next piece would fit correctly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I figured that THIS TIME I would TAKE MY TIME - and try more for the ACCURACY - and not the SPEED. So I'm in NO hurry - and I KNOW that the end result will be TOTALLY worth it!! ;))


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