Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Orca Bay - 1/25/12

Moe won -
Moe ALWAYS wins - ;))

And in this case -

Moe is the RED string blocks -

I hate the part where the strip/string that I choose -
Is either too wide - too short - or too “something” -

So -

My CDO kicked in -
(They say that it’s like OCD - but with the letters in alphabetical order -
Like they’re supposed to be - ;))

And I pressed and sorted my scraps/strings/strips by LENGTH -
I'm not worried about the WIDTH so much - they are what they are -

And - none of this “one or two at a time” stuff for me -
I am waaaaaaaaaaaay too far behind to fiddle with this that much -

And lest anyone think that pressing and sorting by length -
Is "far too much planning for a scrap quilt" -

I beg to differ - ;))

I call it "organizing" - so that I can be more EFFICIENT -
Just because it’s scrappy doesn’t mean that it can’t be organized -

So - assembly line it is -

Change the needle on the Pinto -
(I use a Jeans/Denim # 14) -
Take off the magnetic guide -
Shorten the stitch length -
And off I go -

Until I get a pile of them -

Press one open -
And flip it over to be sure the paper is covered -

Clip the rest of them apart -

And keep pressing - flipping - sewing merrily along -
Merrily along -

‘Til we get to my favorite stage - 4 strips -
Middle strip plus one on one side -
And two on the other side -

If the next strip in the pile is too short for one side -

It just might fit on the other side -

And it does - YAY!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Editfolt said...

This is beautiful. nice red fabrics

Katie said...

ha ha ha...yeah, I got that... But THIS organization makes sense. But you'd better be careful with the rate of progress you're showing there or the Quilt Police might take away your "Slow Poke Quilters" badge... Lookin' great!


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