Saturday, January 28, 2012

Orca Bay - 1/28/12

RED string blocks - batch #2 -

Bonnie has said that -

The first MONDAY in February will be the next Mystery Monday Link-Up.

Since I don't have much time left before the link-up -

I figured that if I’m going to do another batch -

I might as well do the rest of them - ;))

Round #1 -

Organized chaos -
Appropriate oxymoron - ;))

The black/white corner -
To be continued - ;))

Round #2 -

Round #3 -

And I think that I might just put them together -
BOB’s way - remember that??

I thought I had the "Mystery" all figured out -

And I was SOOOO close -

I had the "Bones" right -

I just had the Red Geese framing the white/neutral blocks -

Instead of the black ones -

So maybe I should call my version -

Orca Bay Bones -

What do you think?

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda said...

LOVE the name!!! Perfect!! And you have plenty of time...just keep sewing & breathing. Who needs sleep anyway?

Judee said...

Looking good. Keep it up.

Sue said...

Awesome name. Take a deep breath and relllaaaaxxxxxx.....Remember you are a Slow Poke Quilter....Speed up and you will lose your membership! lol I'll be joining you sewing red strings today.


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