Friday, January 27, 2012

Orca Bay - 1/27/12

Before I started the next batch of RED string blocks -

I thought I would trim up some of the blocks I had -

Slice one down the CENTER -
Watch the DIRECTION of the strips -
Need them to go from SIDE to SIDE -
If I’m cutting UP and DOWN -

Line up the bottom of one “half” -
With the 6” line on the ruler -

Because I am A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER - ;))
Trim UP the LEFT side -
ACROSS the tip -
DOWN the RIGHT side -

Notice the tip gets trimmed too?
No dog-ear at the tip -
Cool, huh?

Pull off the paper -
Just fold it at the seam line -
Give it a little tug -
And the paper just splits apart -

If your paper doesn't just "split" -
And it’s too hard to get off -
You might want to change to a larger needle -
Jeans/Denim #14 is good -
And check your stitch length -
It may need to be shortened up a bit -

The combination of large needle (big holes) -
And short stitch (close together) -
Make for rows of BIG HOLES - CLOSE TOGETHER -
And nice PERFORATED paper -
Easy peasy!!

My Pinto is PERFECTLY suited for sewing string blocks -
And Foundation Paper Piecing -
She tends to have REALLY short stitches -
No matter WHAT the Stitch Length dial says -
Which is one reason she got replaced - ;))

And this is also a GREAT opportunity to use up
All of those odd-ball half-full bobbins -
You know the ones I mean - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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  1. ^5's you and cheers. I've set Orca Bay as the background picture on my laptop. It's my motivator. Over the Christmas holidays I sorted through all my fabrics and ordered them in a way that makes sense. Now I'm chomping at the bit to sew it. I'll be tackling the string blocks tomorrow afternoon....I'm not waiting until next week.


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