Thursday, January 12, 2012

Short Cut

After I gave up trying to cut 2-1/2” squares with my die -

I switched to my Short Cut -
My June Tailor Short Cut ™

I love my Short Cut -

I cut two leftover stacks of "chunks" 2-1/2” wide and turned them sideways -

Cut in the proper slots - and got two stacks of 2-1/2" squares -

With no hassle -

Did I already say that I love my Short Cut?

Now I have my 2-1/2" squares all cut out nice and neat -

56 red
112 white/neutral
112 black

And all sorted out for the blocks -
Moving right along -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Editfolt said...

Nice cut.

Katie M. said...

when I bought my short cut, I didn't know if I'd use it -oh dear - I love it. I don't have a 'cutter', but I've heard alot of different pros and cons - for now I think I'll stick with a rotary cutter!

Linda said...

Wow! You've really got a BAD die. I'd contact them about it. Send them that picture. I few uncut spots might be acceptable but that is ridiculous!
Looks like you're coming right along. I'm working on my star blocks now and every other step is finished. I can see the end....far away. lol

Katie said...

That die looks so frustrating! I'm glad you had a good second option. I've not used those rulers before, but you make them look pretty slick!


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