Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Testing #5

You would think that the 1/4" stitch setting -
And the normal foot would work - right?
But it doesn't -
It gives me a "true" 1/4" - not a "scant" 1/4"

And -

You would think that the normal stitch position -
And the 1/4" foot would work - right?
But it doesn't either -
It gives me a "true" 1/4" - not a "scant" 1/4"

So -

Let’s try this AGAIN -

There are only so many variables in this thing -
  • The fabric position as it goes through -
  • The needle position as the fabric goes through -

That’s all I can think of -

First - the fabric guide -
If I can get that in a FIXED position -
Then I can VARY the needle position to WHATEVER!!

And I am determined to use the 1/4" foot - WITH flange -

So -

The 1/4” foot has a flange -
But I need something that I can use as a guide -
BEFORE I get to the foot -

Both Bonnie and Tracy use tape -

Tracy stacks several layers of blue tape to use as a guide -
But that means that I have to stick the tape on the extension table JUST SO -
And my Swiss-cheese brain can't do that -
It's harder than it looks - at least for me - ;))

Bonnie has a line marked on hers -
I can DO that -
So I did -

OK - the foot guide and the tape are in place -
The fabric should feed through consistently -
And I have a tendency to mush the fabric up against the guide -
And this will allow that IF I can get the needle position just right -

So -
Now for the needle position -

My Husqvarna/Lily 555 has 25 possible needle positions -
ONE of them has to work - don’t you think?? ;))

So I tested them - AGAIN -
I started with the “normal” 1/4” stitch setting - 3.5 -
(Option #3 - 1/4" foot AND 1/4" stitch setting - ;))
All the way up to 5.5 -
And back down to 5.0 -
I think 5.0 is the MAGIC NUMBER -

I had a friend once who swore she wore a certain size -
And would NOT buy anything that was NOT that size -
It had to be a certain NUMBER -
Even if that size didn’t fit -

I was just the opposite -
I didn’t care WHAT size it said it was -
As long as it FIT -

Same here -

I don’t care what NUMBER the screen shows -
If it will give me my “scant” 1/4” inch -

And I think 5.0 FITS -

So - the true test is -

Will it sew a black block -

Well, kinda -

I had to “unsew” it a couple of times -
But NOT because of the seam allowance -

I was lining up the patches using the QST as the guide like an idiot -
The QST are the “iffy” ones -

When I lined up the patches using the 2-1/2” squares as the guide -
It came out like this -

This is as close as I’m going to get guys -

I just got this setting SET -

And I'm to the point now -

Whatever size these blocks come out -

Is the size they are going to BE - screw it!! ;))

I'll make up the difference in the geese and corners if I have to -

'Cuz this is making me nuts -

And I'm nuts enough already. ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta so -

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Linda said...

Yea!! Clap Clap!!! Now you can sew like crazy. ;0)


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