Friday, January 13, 2012

Testing #1 - Pinto

Before I start actually SEWING this marathon quilt -

I have to test my seam allowances and

Set up my Pinto and my Lexus for some power sewing - ;))

I have told you before that I have three sewing machines -
That I refer to as my Pinto, my Toyota, and my Lexus -

My Pinto is a Montgomery Ward Signature 2000 and is very old -

My Toyota is a White Jeans Machine 1777 -
And is already set up for Free-Motion Quilting -
So I’m not touching her - ;))

My Lexus is my Husqvarna/Viking Lily 555 -
She’s my baby - ;))

So - to begin -
I used my June Tailor Short Cut ™ to cut some test samples - 2” x 3-1/2”

I figure that if I sew two 2” segments together - along the 3-1/2” side -
They should sew down to 3-1/2”, right?

And that 3-1/2” should MATCH the 3-1/2” side of another segment - right?

OK - here goes -

Testing #1 - Pinto - with 1/4” patchwork foot - magnetic seam guide and purple tape
I can’t change the needle position on this machine - but according to the
Collins Machine Seam Gauge & Adhesive Guide - this should work -

A - Press it - and match it to the 3-1/2” side of another segment -
Looks to be 1/8” short to me - the bottom section doesn’t match on the left side

Let’s try this again -
B - Same foot - same tape - just not so close to the guide -
Still short -

C - Same foot - double check the tape with the Collins guide - right on

Still 1/8” short!!

The Collins guide might be correct for 1/4" seam -
But I need a "scant" 1/4" seam -
So that ain't gonna work -

D - Change to the Little Foot -
The Original Little Foot - by Lynn Graves

Can’t get the magnetic seam guide any closer -
The feed dogs are in the way -
But it butts right up against the foot anyway -
So it should work -

Ta Dah!!

So - one more test for good measure -


OK - so the Pinto is set up for power chain-piecing -

Next up - the Lexus -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 

P.S. I am in the process of returning SEVEN dies to the manufacturer. I'll post about it when I figure out a nice way to say what I want to say. ;))

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Katie M. said...

I was going to say something about that scant ¼" seam - now I know why your work is so darn good. I use the ¼" food on the Kenmore, The side of the presser foot for the ancient Singer and I never piece on the Babylock. I do, however, use the same machine for the entire quilt that I work on because my ¼" seams are never the same on different machines -guess now I know why :-) Wishing a productive weekend and luck with the die manufacturer!


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