Saturday, January 7, 2012

OMG...that bolt!

The other day - when I posted a photo of this bolt -

Katie left me a comment -

My mom has that same fabric in her stash! Just keep sewing...just keep sewing...just keep sewing...

And then -

Karen M. said -

OMG...that bolt! I have that fabric (Love it) in some of my projects. We have the same taste. I still love that print. Would love to see it reissued.

I told Karen -

That fabric and bolt has a great story - and is perfect for a post all it's own - I just need to take the photos - thanks for the idea, Karen!!  ;))

THAT fabric and bolt does have quite a story -

Back in 1993 - I made a quilt that I called "Tax Season 1993" -
The quilt has it’s own story - and I’ll tell you that one when I get to it in my Quilt Journal -
but for now I want to tell you about the fabric -

In "Tax Season 1993" I used a darker blue version of this print for the border -

I absolutely LOVED that print - still do -
It was my FAVORITE fabric at the time -
And I used most of what I had in the quilt -

When I went to get more of it at the fabric store -
(It wasn’t called a “Quilt” store back then) -
They didn’t have the darker blue version - only the medium blue -
I REALLY wanted the darker blue - but I settled for the medium blue -
And bought the entire bolt -
And I have been SAVING it - all of these years - for something special -

But that’s not the BEST PART of the story -

That Christmas (1993) -

I found a TIE in the darker blue version of the fabric!!

I couldn’t resist - and I bought it for My Other Half -

We laughed and called it his “Quilt Tie” -

But he loved it - it went with EVERY shirt he owned!!

Because it had so many colors in it - it always looked different -

Depending on what shirt he wore with it -

And every time he wore THAT tie -

Someone at work would comment on his NEW tie and how nice it was!!

They did that for YEARS!!  Never realizing that it was the SAME tie!!

So - when it got old - and dirty - and faded - and just plain worn out -

I got him another one just like it!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Karen M said...

What a hoot! If I had ever come across a tie in that fabric, I would have bought it too. That story is so funny.

Julie Fukuda said...

That fabric looks very like some in my stash.


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