Sunday, March 18, 2012

Button - Button - 3/16/12

Button, Button, Who’s got the button??

Remember that little game?? -

Well -

I have the BUTTON -

It’s over there on the sidebar -

Actually I have several buttons -




I also have a tab/page at the top of this blog - LEFTIES -


And RIGHT-HANDED FRIENDS whose blogs you can visit -

So -

Here’s my little version of the game -

If you want to play -

ONE POINT - for guessing the number of buttons in the photo above -
or for coming the closest to the actual number - ;))

ONE POINT - for having a LHQ or RH FRIEND button your blog -
Automatic point for those on the list already - 'cuz they have a button on their blog ALREADY - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me which button you would put on your blog IF you had one - ;))

ONE POINT - for asking to be listed on my LEFTIES list -
I won't add you without your permission - and unless you ask - ;))

Automatic point for those on the list already - 'cuz they asked to be on the list ALREADY - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me that you would like to be listed in the -
"No Bloggie - No Button" section - ;))

ONE POINT - for having the UFO button on your blog -
As far as I know - no one has grabbed this button yet -
So here is your chance - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me that you would put this button on your blog IF you had one - ;))

ONE POINT - for having your name on the list already -
Automatic point/Extra credit for the Early Birds - ;))

So -

Grab a button and put it on your blog - up near the top where I can SEE it - ;))
If you don’t know how to “Grab a Button” - see the "How-To" below -

Then leave me a comment - on THIS post -
by WEDNESDAY - March 21, 2012 - Midnight - PDT.
That should give you time to grab a button or two - ;))
Make sure your comment includes all of the info that I asked for - ;))
AND - even if your name is on the LEFTIES list already - you STILL need to leave me a comment - so that I know that you WANT to play!!

That’s it -

THIS game is all about the BUTTONS - ;))

You can play whether you are LEFT-HANDED or RIGHT-HANDED -

You can play whether you have a blog or not -

Possible FIVE points - if you are already on the list -
Possible FOUR points - if you are a "newbie" -

POINTS will convert into “names in a hat” - the more points you have - the more slips of paper with your name on it - and more is better - ;))

WINNER will be chosen by “pulling one name out of the hat” - ‘cuz I don’t know how to do that “Random # Generator” thingy - and really don’t want to spend any time trying to figure it out - I would rather SEW - ;))

PRIZE - One "Scrapbag" from Keepsake Quilting -
12 regular 1/4 yard cuts - 9” x WOF - THREE YARDS of quality fabric -
Winner will be given a choice of several scrapbags - so there is bound to be SOMETHING you like - and who doesn’t want/need THREE YARDS?? ;))

Obviously I will need some way to contact the winner - so make sure that you or your blog have/has an email contact listed. If I can’t contact you - you can’t win - simple as that.

I will announce the winner as soon as I check the blogs - “analyze” and “tabulate” the results - make the slips - and pull the name - hopefully by the end of the week.

In the meantime -

You should go visit everybody on the LEFTIES list -

And leave a comment that A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER sent you -

Just for fun -

After all -

That’s what the list is FOR -

And -

You never know -

You might make a new friend - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


How To Grab a Button -

I don't know what kind of computer or browser or internet service provider, etc. that you have - and I don't want to insult your intelligence - but I can run you through the steps that I took to get the button to show on my other blog. Hopefully (full of hope) it will work for you - if not - we can try something else.

First - log in and get to your "Dashboard"

Choose the "Design" tab on your blog
to get the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" screen

Choose - "Add a gadget"
Pick the one that says - "HTML/Javascript"

You should get a box that says -
"Configure HTML/Javascript"

"Title" - leave this blank - once the button shows up it really is redundant
Make sure the right hand side says - "Rich Text" mode

"Content" -
Copy and paste the code that appears in the box below the button you are "grabbing" -

Left Click on - SAVE - in the bottom right corner -
(Believe it or not - I have forgotten this simple step!)

That should send you back to the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" screen

Left Click on "Preview" - the button should be there - all pretty and pink (We hope!)

If it is - close the "Preview" window and go back to the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" screen

Now - you can "drag and drop" the gadget to wherever you want
(I like it close to the top - so I don't have to scroll down to see it - )

If it isn't there - let me know - and we can try something else -



Katie M. said...

okay, so I'm not a leftie - I have to reverse all your directions :-) I'm already your friend and anyone visiting my blog knows that! I grabbed your UFO button (someday I might get proficient in creating buttons!) and I'm throwing out a guess of 82 buttons (what the heck do I know?!)

Linda said...

I'm going to guess 92 buttons. Give or take. And I just added the UFO button. And I've already done all the other steps you call for so I should have around 100 chances right? Or whatever you deem appropriate. hahaha

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

So far - two entries - 4 points each - 50/50 chance of winning - ;))

Sorry I told each of you that you have 5 points - I goofed - the fifth point goes to the one who comes the closest to the actual number of buttons - that 5th point will determine the WINNER!!

Karen M said...

What a fun game. I am guessing 100 buttons. I would love to win some great scraps. Thanks for the chance to win.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

CORRECTION - that 5th point MAY determine the winner.

More points = more slips of paper with your name on it.

ALL slips of paper have an equal chance of being chosen.

But you can't win if you don't enter. ;))

katie z. said...

I'm being on my blog reading. We recently discovered 2" of water in our crawl space, and the mud and hoses have taken over... I'm a leftie, on our list, and have a button... I would guess 140 buttons.

Dayquilt said...

I guess 86 buttons.
I don't have a blog - yet.
I would definitely have the UFOria button!! I LOVE to start projects - not so good about finishing though :(
I'd also have the RHFoaLHQ button - some of my best friends are lefties :)
I might sneak a BOB button in there too ;)
Sorry I didn't see this sooner - I'm not a very consistent reader (of anyone's blog)

Quilting_Chris said...

Um, I am guessing 96 buttons. I would grab a "no blogger" button, cuz you know I don't have one. If I did I would have a LHQ button and absolutely would have a BOB button very proudly displayed.

debbie said...

Okay, I am guessing 67 buttons. I am a newbie to your blog, I would love to be added to your lefty button, and since I have no blog, I would love to have the UFO button if I did have, since I have a gazillion UFO's. Lol

Thanks for the fun game,
Debbie Hall

Quilting_Chris said...

well, I missed that simple little tidbit, please add me to your leftie list even though I have no blog. Also, I really need a UFO button, cause I have a lot of those and I have been awarded a PHD by several outstanding friends.


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