Monday, March 19, 2012

Orca Bay - Red Extra - C - Muslin Sashes

Next step -
I need some 2” muslin strips -
For sashes -

Got a die for that -
And some “test” strips -
Sorry for the crappy lighting -
The strips are NOT that color -
They are actually muslin - ;))

As you can see -
The die left wrinkles and creases in the strips -
And THAT die was the REPLACEMENT die -
For the one I returned -
For the same problem -
So I expect that another one won’t be much better -
My opinion only - I could be wrong - ;))

So I salvaged what I could of those -

And pulled out my handy-dandy -
June Tailor Short Cut ™ -
For the rest -

I told you about it before - here -
It's also on my list to do a proper REVIEW -
Short version - It's GREAT!! -
Any screw-ups are usually "operator error" -
NOT the fault of the ruler -;))

Going along nicely -
UNTIL I realized -
That I had cut these guys at 1-1/2” -
Instead of 2” - ;))


Cut another strip at 5-1/2” first -

Then turn the strip sideways -

And cut them puppies at 2” -
This time - ;))
Much better -

Cut a couple more -
BUT this batch -
Came out 2” wide -
And 1/2” SHORT - ;))

Re-cut THEM -
And made pretty little stacks of 10 each -
Plus the extras -
Count ‘em - 96 -

I need 97 -
So -

I’m ONE SHORT!! - ;))


S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y ?!?!?!?

I don’t BELIEVE this!! ;))

But I DO believe -
That quilts TALK to you -
At least mine talk to ME - ;))

And THIS quilt is -
Saying -
Shouting -
Yelling -



So - back to EQ7 and the Fabric Stash Room -

To find a different plan -
Or a different color -
To stop those Extremely Loud -
And Incredibly Close -
Quilty voices in my head - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Robin said...

Well, now I know I'm not the only quilter that has quilts that talk to her.

Jen said...

I totally understand your frustration! Hope your day is better!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

No, Robin - it's not just you!! Mine talk to me all of the time - usually saying - "Don't finish me yet - I still want to play!!" ;))

Linda said...

hahaha If I was you I'd blame it ALL on the muslin!! Or maybe you should wear ear plugs when you're cutting. hahaha

Tracy Johnson said...

Not just you, me too!

My quilt talks to me. I have to say I rarely plan more than the blocks that I will be making and then set them out and let them speak to me. "Okay Quilt, what ya want, sashing, on point???" and then it speaks (or not). ;-D
On my pinwheel quilt I sewed sashing on 2 opp. sides of the blocks and realized that both the quilt and I where having a blond moment, so the quilt came out with a double sashing. Hey, it looked good if I can say so myself.
Quilt by the seat of my pants is my mantra.

Dayquilt said...

I love my Shape Cut so much I haven't bothered buying the strip dies for the GO. I put colored tape on the slots I'm going to cut, so I don't screw up - for me, the numbers are backward, I cut from right to left - do the numbers work better for a lefty?. I do think it is a bit flimsy though, so I put a regular acrylic ruler on top to press down on (the edge of the ruler is 1/4" away from the slot).
My quilts don't talk to me - I think they're just too afraid they'll get stuffed back in the pile if they misbehave!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Dayquilt - I LOVE my ShortCut - but obviously mess up and cut in the wrong slot when I don't pay attention. And I do find that I will grab it FIRST - instead of my die - for two reasons - it's not as bulky and it just works better. I cut from right to left - so the numbers are backwards for me, too. I don't find it that flimsy - but I do like your "ruler on top" trick - might try that one of these days. Really should do a review, huh? ;))


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