Monday, March 26, 2012

An Experiment

I just tried an experiment -

I took some June Tailor - Quilt Top Express™ -

And this fabric -

To see what would happen -
If I tried to make a little tablemat - 

I followed the instructions

Not the directions - ;))
I explain the difference - here

And sewed one set of seams -
On the 1” lines -

It came out sort of pleated -

I probably should have used different lines -

Maybe the 2” lines instead -

Because I didn’t like how thick it was getting -

And - because it was getting really thick -

I decided to NOT sew the other set of seams -

On the 1” lines - going the other direction -

But - I thought - Oh, OK - this still might work -

I could back it with something -

Skip the batting -

And then bind it with some black -
Pre-packaged Extra-Wide Bias Tape -
I did a little demo - here -

Got it all pinned together -

Quilted it a bit -

Changed my mind about the pre-packaged binding -
(The black had faded through the years to what Sue would call a wishy-washy black - ;)) -

And made my own instead -

Got it ready -  

Sewed the binding on -

And messed it up -

The binding wasn’t wide enough -
To fold over to the front nicely -

My mistake - oh, well - ;))

And -

Rather than “unsew” it all -

I just cut it off -

Problem solved -  ;))

So -

Now it’s in the pile -

Next to Sergio (my serger) -

Waiting it’s turn -

To be a practice piece -

Maybe I’ll cut it down -

For a couple of mug rugs -

‘Cuz -

It’s too freakin’ small now -

For much else - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I love your solution to the binding problem - cut it off! LOL!!

    You know - mug rugs would be cute.

  2. Love your problem solving skills! (Totally what I would do)
    That product is interesting - I've seen some from another company before.... haven't used it yet.....


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