Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word Verification -

I know that the new double Word Verification is a royal pain -

And that many bloggers are deciding to turn it OFF -


I think that that is EXACTLY what the spammers/robots are counting on -

So that they can do their thing -

So - sorry, Charlie - but -

BOB and I are NOT going to make it EASY for THEM -

And -

I am NOT turning my Word Verification off-

It is there for a REASON -

And I get enough SPAM in my Referring URLS and Referring Sites -

That I just DO NOT want/need any more SPAM in my comment moderation email -

And I have noticed a HUMUNGOUS increase in my SPAM since I got my Kindle from Amazon - Gee! - wonder if there is any connection - Hmmmmmm ;((

Sorry if it makes it HARDER on you guys -

You KNOW that I appreciate all of you who take the time to leave a comment -


But -

I would rather not have to deal with the SPAM -

And if you would rather not have to deal with the Word Verification -

I understand -

Besides -

You can always send me an email - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

I agree, I'm not turning the word verification off either.

Julie Fukuda said...

I wish google had not changed from the one wonky word to those two impossible ones. Sometimes it takes me three trys. I broke down and changed mine. I have not gotten any spam yet but I have seen spam from other sites that have coded words. Maybe the spam goes for popular sites?

Sue said...

You are worth the extra effort. :)

Michelle said...

Interesting -- I've had my word verification turned off for months and very little spam makes it past Blogger's filters.

But I've noticed something else. Either they're making it easier to read or my eyes are getting better at it. :-)

Linda said...

LOL I agree with Sue!! ;o) And with that said I have to also say that I've been reassessing the way I do comment because of the hassle. If I can't get my comment to post with one try....I'm done.
I've turned mine off and haven't had even one spammer. Which makes me kinda sad! That must mean I'm not one of the popular girls. LOL
Seriously, when all is said and done, for me it all depends on the kind of day I'm having whether or not I'll tolerate the hoops.
Some days I'll comment and other days I just move on. Well... except for you and BOB! heehee


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