Sunday, March 11, 2012


Have you ever had someone come to your house -

Knock on the door -

Say “Hi” -

And then leave?

Well - the other day I had a comment that made me feel like the reader had done just that -

I had a comment left on my post - "Applique Thursday - 3/8/12":

Looks pretty, I'd love to see a close up photo.

Don’t get me wrong -

I'm sure that the comment was not meant to be rude -


It did kinda annoy me -

Since it was pretty obvious to me -

That she just popped in -

Said “Hi” -

And then left -

Without stopping to look around -


I have been linking up with Angie -

A Quilting Reader's Garden -

on her Applique Thursdays -

for over a month now -

And have posted close up photos of each and every block -

One block each week -

If the reader had taken the time to look -

She could/would/should have seen them.

What I said last Thursday was -

I have decided to link up with Angie -
A Quilting Reader's Garden -
on her Applique Thursdays -
Check out her blog for some wonderful applique eye-candy -

My contribution this week is from my Ellen Heck class -

QJ - Floral Applique -
Part II - AUGUST 1999 – NOVEMBER 1999


The title of the post could/would/should have given her a clue -

QJ - Floral Applique - Part II.

Part II is Roman Numeral-speak for Part 2 -

Which implies that there was a Part I/Part 1 -

And I had a link to the original post -

Which in turn had links to the individual blocks -

That's what links do -

They LINK you to something else -

And if the reader were to use the Search box on the sidebar -

I’m sure that all of the "Parts" would show up.

I even have a tab/page at the top of this blog -

Called QJ - Floral Applique

Where all of the posts/photos are listed -

I don’t know how to make it ANY easier than that.

Just sayin’. ;))


So - New Readers -

WELCOME to my blog!! -

Come on in -

Grab a seat -

And a cup of coffee/tea/whatever strikes your fancy -

Get comfortable -

And stay a while -

Take a look around -

Take a look at the tabs/pages across the top of this blog -

I have over 300 posts so far -

So - chances are - you might find SOMETHING that you like.

Just don’t ask or expect me to do it FOR you. ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Well said!

Katie Z. said...

I like looking just a little more each time, ab=nd I keep comin' back.

Sue said...

Hear! Hear! I pounce all over a blog, leaving my paddy paw prints all over it when it is new to me. A lot more fun than asking for everything to be laid out for me on a plate.....Then having the blog author go all BOBish on me! ;)


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