Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LHQ - Review - Ruler - Easy Square Jr.

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Review - Ruler - Easy Square Jr.

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Today I want to show you a REALLY cool little ruler -

That Left-Handed Quilters can use - hassle-free - ;))

My kind of ruler!! ;))

But first -

Disclaimer -
I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturer or supplier of this product - to my knowledge.
I did not get this product for FREE in exchange for a review - aka barter. I paid for it.
I have no intention of slandering or libeling anyone or any product.
I am simply stating my opinions - I could be wrong - you may disagree.
My opinions are based on my experience with this product - your results may vary.
I think that about covers it - if I missed something - let me know.
I am not a lawyer - and I am just trying to cover my a$$. ;)).

I read about this ruler on Bonnie Hunter’s blog - Quiltville's ® Quips & Snips!!
I had seen it before - but already had another brand - so I wasn’t interested -
Until it came time to replace the one I had - and I took another look -

It’s called the
By Sharon Hultgren
Made by EZ Quilting
Antioch, N USA 37013
Made in China

Description -
This little ruler is Square - duh! ;))
And measures 6-1/2” -
It has a 1/4” dashed line around the perimeter of the ruler -
So that you can see the 6” square in the middle -
And the 1/4” seam allowance all around the edges -

Where you can get it - 

You should check your Local Quilt Shop and your favorite suppliers -
As prices do vary - and some items may be on sale - or not - ;))
EZ Quilt

Some other sites that may or may not have stuff are -
Nancy's Notions

What I LIKE about this ruler -

The LARGE easy-to-read numbers around the edges -
The fact that the numbers read 1-2-3-4-5-6 from LEFT to RIGHT -
And from TOP to BOTTOM -

What I DON’T like about this ruler -

There are no “grabber” thingys on the bottom side -
So it MAY slip on your fabric -
But that’s not really something that bothers me -
Because I don't usually have that problem -
And there are thingys you can get if you want them -
And besides - as A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER -
The "grabber" thingys usually wind up being on the TOP side anyway -
If I have to "flip" the ruler - ;))

How I use it to Square up a block -

It is perfect if I want to measure or square up my
Orca Bay RED - Extra blocks - to 5-1/2” square -

Just line up the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the ruler -
At the 5-1/2” lines -
With the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the block -

Trim UP the LEFT SIDE - of the block -
And ACROSS the TOP -

Turn the block around -
And do it again -

No flipping the ruler OVER - BACK - or SIDEWAYS -
The numbers go in the CORRECT direction -
And are EASY TO READ -

How I use it to cut a 45 degree diagonal - 

Line up the 45 degree diagonal line with the edge of a strip -
With both of the 1” line markers at the top of the strip -

Cut along the LEFT side of the ruler -
Perfect 45 degree cut -

But - as A Left-Handed Quilter

It’s easier for me to start at the “other” end of the strip -
And work my way to the LEFT side -

Would I recommend this ruler?



How’s that for my first review?
I’m not sure of the format -
May change it up a bit -
But I think I covered the basics -
Let me know what you think - OK?
Or if I missed anything. - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sue said...

You did a marvellous job. The review is succcinct and informative...you say what you do and don't like about it....even give a litte demo...That is missing in a lot of reviews...You talked about leftisms, which is important for left handers. Lots of links. It is a great format. What I use instead of grabber thingies is sandpaper dots. Dead cheap, effective and easy to apply and remove.

Linda said...

Just one thing I would add as a right-handed friend of a left-handed quilter.... This works every bit as well for me. And as I line it up to square a block my numbers read from right to left along the top (both #1s in top right corner) and your numbers are along the right side. All other instructions are as written. ;o)
Yep that is one great square ruler. It's my #1.

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Thank you for the hint! I am searching for a smaller square ruler and this one seems to be just right.
I even found an online shop here in Germany who sells it. :-)

Greetings from a new follower!

Quilting_Chris said...

I have this one too and I really like it. I use a little glue and salt on the ruler to my own little "grippy" things to keep the ruler in place. The other thing I use is some of Hugo's Amazing Tape on the underside of the ruler to keep it from slipping. Just depends on what mood I am in. Thanks for the leftisms.


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