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LHQ - Review - Ruler - Quilter's Rule (TM) - Mini-Square

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Review - Ruler - Quilter’s Rule ™ - Mini-Square

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Today I want to compare the Easy Square Jr. -

To -

The Quilter’s Rule ™- Mini Square
(c) 1987 by Betty Gall
6-1/2” Square

But first -

Disclaimer -
I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturer or supplier of this product - to my knowledge.
I did not get this product for FREE in exchange for a review - aka barter. I paid for it.
I have no intention of slandering or libeling anyone or any product.
I am simply stating my opinions - I could be wrong - you may disagree.
My opinions are based on my experience with this product - your results may vary.
I think that about covers it - if I missed something - let me know.
I am not a lawyer - and I am just trying to cover my a$$. ;)).

This is the Easy Square Jr.
I already reviewed this ruler - here -

This is
The Quilter’s Rule ™ - Mini Square
(c) 1987 by Betty Gall
6-1/2” Square
Ignore the wonky lines -
They are left-over from another project -

Description -
This little ruler is Square - duh! ;))
And measures 6-1/2” -

The Quilter’s Rule ™ - Mini Square
Has 1/8” - 1/4” - and 1/2” markings -
The 1/8” lines are small dashes -
The 1/4” lines are longer dashes -
The 1/2” lines are solid -

Where you can get it - 

You should check your Local Quilt Shop and your favorite suppliers -
As prices do vary - and some items may be on sale - or not - ;))

Some other sites that may or may not have stuff are -

Nancy's Notions

What I LIKE about this ruler -

It has a ridged underside -
Which acts like those “grabber” thingys -
Which is kinda nice -
So It doesn’t slip on your fabric -

What I DON’T like about this ruler -

Although it does have LARGE easy-to-read numbers around the edges -
The numbers go in the WRONG direction -
They read 6-5-4-3-2-1 from LEFT to RIGHT -
And sideways from TOP to BOTTOM -
When I put the 1” marks in the TOP LEFT corner -

And the diagonal runs the wrong way -
I need the diagonal to run from BOTTOM LEFT to TOP RIGHT

It does NOT have a 1/4” dashed line around the perimeter of the ruler -
So that you can see the 6” square in the middle -
And the 1/4” seam allowance all around the edges -
Like the Easy Square Jr.

Quicky comparison -

How I use it to Square up a block -
If I want to measure or square up my
Orca Bay RED - Extra blocks - to 5-1/2” square -

To square up a 5-1/2” block
I want to line up the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the ruler -
At the 5-1/2” lines -
With the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the block -

Trim UP the LEFT SIDE - of the block -
And ACROSS the TOP -

Turn the block around -
And do it again -

How I use it to cut a 45 degree diagonal - 
Line up the 45 degree diagonal line with the bottom edge of a strip -
And the 6” markers will be at the top of the strip -
Whichever way you turn the ruler -

And there is only ONE diagonal -
So there is no other line to use -
To line up on the right edge of your fabric -

Cut along the LEFT side of the ruler -
Perfect 45 degree cut -
Starting at the “other” end of the strip -
And working my way to the LEFT side -

Would I recommend this ruler?
NO - I prefer the Easy Square Jr.
For the reasons explained above - ;))


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sue said...

Great review. I like the way you said what you do and don't like about the ruler. The physical comparison was good, too.

Linda said...

I'm an Easy Square gal myself. Love it and use it all the time. Now there's just something about The Quilters Rule that makes me nervous when I look at it. I must be weird because my blood presser just went up a notch.
I'm sure many would love it but I would never buy it just because of the way it looks.
Great review you did.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - The Quilter's Rule was the really old one that I needed to replace. (Check the link for the Easy Square Jr. review.) I don't think the Easy Square Jr. was available when I originally bought The Quilter's Rule - or maybe it was and I just couldn't find one - but - either way - when it came time to replace The Quilter's Rule - I did - with something else!! ;))

Jim C. Simons said...

Sorry to read you are unhappy with our ruler. You are of course right that it was made for a right handed person. Other folks make things specifically for left handed folks. And some people try to be everything for everybody. Quilter's Rule has satisfied the needs of quilters for over twenty five years. Perhaps you could visit our web site at and find many other product which are not left or right handed. Jim at Quilter's Rule.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Jim - I did another post to address the points that you mention in your comment - here - -

or - check the page/tab above - REVIEWS - and look for

LHQ - Review - Ruler - Quilter's Mini-Square(TM) - Part 2 - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oops - I meant -

LHQ - Review - Ruler - Quilter's Rule (TM) - Mini-Square - Part 2 - ;))


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