Wednesday, March 21, 2012



So far -
I have SEVEN entrants in my little game -
But some of them could have more points -
Which translates to more "names in the hat" -
Which translates to more chances to win -

So - before I "pick a name" -

Let me explain how I awarded the points -
And who got which ones -

ONE POINT - for guessing the number of buttons in the photo above -
or for coming the closest to the actual number - ;))

This point has not been awarded yet -
I need to know who comes the closest to the actual number -
And all the guesses have not been made yet - ;))

ONE POINT - for having a LHQ or RH FRIEND button your blog -
Automatic point for those on the list already - 'cuz they have a button on their blog ALREADY - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me which button you would put on your blog IF you had one - ;))

Katie Z - LHQ button
Katie M. - RHF button
Karen M. - RHF button
Linda - RHF button

dayquilt - no blog - RHF button
quilting chris - no blog - LHQ button
debbie - no blog - LHQ button

ONE POINT - for asking to be listed on my LEFTIES list -
I won't add you without your permission - and unless you ask - ;))

Automatic point for those on the list already - 'cuz they asked to be on the list ALREADY - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me that you would like to be listed in the -
"No Bloggie - No Button" section - ;))

The key to this point is that you have to ASK TO BE ON THE LEFTIES LIST -
Just because you have a button - doesn't mean that you are automatically listed -
I don't always know who adds my button unless they tell me -
And I won't add your name to the list - UNLESS YOU ASK ME TO - ;))
And some of your comments are a little unclear to me - so -

Katie Z.
Katie M.
Karen M.

Debbie asked to be added to my lefty "button" - but I'm not sure what that means.

ONE POINT - for having the UFO button on your blog -
As far as I know - no one has grabbed this button yet -
So here is your chance - ;))

If you don't have a blog - just tell me that you would put this button on your blog IF you had one - ;))

Katie M.

Sorry - but there are no points for wanting to grab a BOB button -
there isn't one up for "grabs" - yet - ;))

ONE POINT - for having your name on the list already -
Automatic point/Extra credit for the Early Birds - ;))

Katie Z.
Katie M.
Karen M.


All together - I get -

3 points for - Katie Z.
4 points for - Katie M.
3 points for - Karen M.
4 points for - Linda
2 points for - dayquilt
1 points for - quilting chris
3 points for - debbie

20 Total - "names in the hat"

It may be a little complicated -


That's some pretty good odds -

So - check your comments -
Check that you actually ASKED TO BE ON THE LEFTIES LIST -
And check that UFO button status -

And -

Good luck -

New guys - check my Sunday post -

You have until Midnight (PST) tonight to enter - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. OK, I am confused. If I haven't asked to be on your list, I am asking now. I have a button on my blog, but I think you know that. I don't know what else I might be qualified for. I have a PhD, but I am not a rocket scientist. Your thinking runs circles around mine.

  2. Karen M -

    Sorry - my thinking gets a bit convoluted sometimes. You have the point for the RHF button. You have the point for ASKING to be on the list - because you already did that - way back when - that's how you got on the list in the first place - you asked. And you get a point for being on the list EARLY - the EARLY BIRD point. That makes three points. The only one you are missing is the point for having a UFO button on your blog - and not everybody wants that one if it doesn't suit them. So - three points = three little slips of paper with your name on it. The slips of paper go into a hat - I pick one - the end.

    I just want the Lefties out there to put the LHQ button on their blog - simple as that. I thought that if I made a game of it - it would be more fun - but I got carried away with trying to give "Extra Credit" to the ones that ALREADY did - and wound up confusing everybody. Next time - if there IS one - it will be much simpler - I promise. ;))

  3. I didn't know - can righties could be on the lefties list?


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