Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A couple more rows -

Were quilted after spending way too much time on my computer this morning - ;))

I started with the bottom row in the orange and black blocks - planning to quilt the six "patches" to the edge - before I turned the quilt to quilt another section -

I like this quilting design because it is VERY forgiving - and doesn't need to be marked - I just use the presser foot as my "spacing" guide and make sure that the lines go from corner to corner in the HST in the "opposite" direction from the diagonal seam. Then I quilt up and down in the two-patch sections making sure that I end up in the corner that has the diagonal seam in the next HST -

And wouldn't you know - I ran out of bobbin thread when I had about half a patch to go - ;))

So I changed the bobbin - and the needle somewhere along the line when it started skipping stitches - and kept on going. I figured that I would run out of bobbin thread again soon after I finished this patch - so I changed the bobbin again -

And I guess you could say that I am "direction-ally" challenged at times - because I got myself all twisted up - and instead of going "across" the rest of the row like I was supposed to -

I had the quilt turned so the next section that got quilted was the one that goes "up" from the "bobbin change" patch - ;))

Lucky for me the stitches still go in the correct direction so no harm was done - another advantage to a very simple and forgiving quilt design. I just went back and finished quilting the other row like I should have done in the first place - then I called it a day - ;))

I can try to be perfect - tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Julie Fukuda said...

Your stitching is soeven,I think any direction would be fine.

Gene Black said...

I wouldn't worry about being "perfect" - I think it is highly over-rated. :-)
It looks great as it is.


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