Saturday, September 9, 2017

Plugging away -

And learning a lot - ;))

I learned that I like to "push" and "pull" the quilt when I'm stitching lines - going from back to front and front to back - it seems easier to me than trying to stitch the lines from side to side - so with a slight turn of the quilt - I can stitch the HST from back to front across the diagonal seam line - and then front to back -

I learned that it is easier to stop at the "top" of a line to re-position my hands than at the "bottom" - because I can see where I want to go next -

I learned that I would rather have the bulk of the quilt in my lap - and not against the wall all bunched up at the back of my machine -

I learned that I'm OK with not being perfect - I'm not quilting this professionally and charging money for it - it's not going to be entered in any sort of competition - it's practice for me to get more comfortable maneuvering the bulk of the quilt - getting my hand movement and foot pedal speed coordinated so that the stitches are similar in length - and no one is going to notice anyway. If they do - they are free to do better when they make their own quilt - LOL - ;))


I learned WHY I was getting myself twisted up and going in the wrong direction!! -

Woohoo!! -

This quilt is set - 4 blocks across - and 4 blocks down -

One block has a HST - then a horizontal two-patch (2P) - and then another HST -

The next block has a HST - a horizontal two-patch (2P) - and then another HST -

If I start quilting in the middle and work my way out to the outer edge -

I should be quilting - HST - 2P - HST - HST - 2P - HST - right? -

Well, I was so "in the groove" - that after the first HST - 2P - HST -

I started looking for the next 2P -

Forgetting that the next block started with another HST - DUH!! - ;))

Once I figured that out -

I finished up the rest of the "top" and "bottom" rows of each block - ;))

Tomorrow I should be able to figure out which direction I want the rows in the "center" blocks to go -

And then finish up the four remaining "middle" rows -

At least that's the plan - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

What you've shown looks great to me...and that figuring out how to quilt from block to block always gives me fits too...even with the longarm! You're gonna have a nice Halloween quilt just in time!!!

Frog Quilter said...

Love the quilting you are doing. Remember every stitch brings you to the next level of complexity and you will get better I promise.

Julie Fukuda said...

It looks super. I just can't imagine doing that on a machine. I know what a bunched up mess I would have should I try it too.


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