Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A couple of hearts -

And a couple of Scrap Cards to add to my Scrapbook -

Kept me busy while I was taking a break from blogging -

All in an effort to get myself a bit more organized - ;))

Maybe if I keep trying - I will actually get there one day -

I know - don't hold my breath - LOL - ;))

I talk about my Scrapbook/Hearts and Scrap Cards on the page at the top of my blog - LHQ - Finishing The Quilt. It's really a lot of fun and it gives me another chance to pet the fabric before I add it to my scrap bins. I really need to put the Memory Quilt made with the Hearts higher up on my list of quilt to make - some days I feel like I'm running out of time - and I have a bunch of quilts still in my head that need to get out of there - I getting short on space - ;))

Anyway - I made one for O Happy Christmas -

With a scrap of the backing fabric on the back - it's SO cute! - ;))

And one for Do You See What I See? - since it is a panel print - I fussy cut a piece of the backing fabric to get all of the wording and one great big star. It worked out pretty well, don't you think? - ;))

And I made a set for Five Stars Plus 5 -

And another set for my Batik - 16 Patch - HERE - and HERE -

They are all stacked on the Mountain To Be Quilted -
And since I'm still not quite ready to FMQ anything other than wavy lines back and forth - I put Do You See What I See? back on the pile and picked up my Halloween Churn Dash -

Nothing fancy - just back and forth wavy lines in the two-patch blocks and changing direction in the corner HST blocks depending on which way they are turned -

I started to do one row from the left to the right - but that was too bulky under the throat of my machine - so I changed to working from the center out to the edge of the next row - six "patches" at a time -

I'm going to do the top and bottom rows of each block and then go back and finish up the center rows.  My brain can only handle so much direction changing - and the center rows have the solid patch in the middle of the block and I really need to pay attention to which direction they need to go - and flipping back and forth from an outside row to a middle row is more than my brain can handle - it's getting older and more cranky - so I have to coddle it a bit more these days - ;))

It may take me a while to finish this - but I think it's looking kinda cool - and I really don't mind the "plainness" of the pattern - it's simple and effective - and VERY relaxing when I get into my groove - ;))

I think the Churn Dash might be my favorite quilt pattern -

It's a nine-patch - my favorite -

And it's really easy to quilt - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Karen M said...

I love those Halloween fabrics. The simple block design lets the fabric do the talking. So cute.

Julie Fukuda said...

On Saturday I went to a department store quilt show and Halloween fabric was in nearly every shop. Years ago no one in Tokyo knew anything about Halloween and i could enjoy my birthday meal without jumping up and running to the door every other minute. I have never bought any of that fabric but your quilt makes it look more tempting.

Gene Black said...

I love that you document your quilts that way. I am happy if I just get a label on one.

I have seen a churn dash done with the center and center of each row done have the width of the corners, it makes it look a bit different.


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