Monday, September 11, 2017

Even with a map -

I got myself all mixed up -

Because I didn't start in the top left corner - on Row 2 - "Unit" #1 - ;))

I only wanted to deal with half of the bulk of the quilt under the throat of my machine - so I started in the middle - Row 5 - "Unit" #7 -

And - of course - the first "center" square in that section goes in the opposite direction - which I would have noticed if I had actually READ my map - LOL - ;))

Just because you have a map - doesn't mean you can't get lost - ;))

But it's OK - I made it work - I just "reversed" it and made all of the center squares slant the "other" way from the map - and as long as they alternate - the design works -

And it came out pretty well -

I LOVE the texture - ;))

And in other news - something that I DID notice -

Was the lettering on the tabs of some little address books that I got -

You can't see real well in that photo - but the tabs read ABCDE - FGHIJ - KLMNO - PQRST - UVWXYZ - like they are supposed to -

Except on these guys -

I guess one out of four ain't bad -

And it was easy enough to fix - I just removed the staples - refolded the page that was backwards - and stapled them all back together. It made me wonder until I realized that they were made in China - and the people who assembled them probably have no idea how our alphabet works - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Julie Fukuda said...

Yes. and in Japan, books read from back to front and the pages from top to bottom right to left, but when you buy a year diary, it is arranged the English way ... except it is hard to find weeks starting on Sunday. I understand that learning to compensate is good for the brain.


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