Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another ruler -

After changing back to blue thread -

I used the Crosshair Ruler to mark some reference lines -

Put the guide pin in place - at the center - underneath - with the pin pointing up -

Put the ruler in place - on the pin - lined it up -

And stitched the eight petals - all rotating around on the pin and lined up with the guidelines -

Compared it to the photo in my book - and -

Oops - that ain't right - LOL - ;))

Turns out I used THIS ruler - the Spin-E-Flex No. 4 3-1/2" -

When I should have used THIS one - the Spinning Wheel 36 -

They look alike except that the pin "hole" is at the pointy end of the one I used - and at the flat end of this one -

BIG difference in how the petals stitch out - LOL - ;))

But I thought I could salvage it by stitching a circle in the middle -
Using the Simple Circle 2" -

Looks like the circle is too big -

But turns out it's just the right size -
If I was a little more accurate in my stitching -

Because I forgot about the 1/4" distance from the inner edge of the ruler to the needle - putting the stitching line right where it should be -

So - maybe tomorrow - I'll try to do the design in the picture -

Using the OTHER ruler - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Here is what I would have done:
The original "petals pointing in" could have used straight lines going across to each opposite petal and traveling back to the center. If you start and end in the center the lines will have the same amount of stitching.

Jeanna said...

Oh my. This is way out of my league!


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