Thursday, January 3, 2019

Last corner -

Before making one last pass around the outer row of patches - ;))

I'm finding my "rhythm" and getting my stitches more even -

And I'm much better at FMQ from left to right than I am from right to left -
the sideways motion is awkward for me - and quilting from right to left tends to bunch everything up under the throat of my machine -

I can push the quilt away from me to sew toward me -
because that's the "normal" direction we all sew -

But I have trouble pulling it toward me to sew "backwards" -
because I can't see where I'm going - LOL -

So I still tend to move the quilt to sew in a more "comfortable" direction -

And I want/need to change that -

I want/need to be able to sew in ALL directions -

So on the last pass around the outer edge I'll try to keep the quilt oriented one way and to change my sewing directions instead -

That last round of patches includes the ones going vertically -
like the white and red patches on the left in the photo above -

So I'll try to sew "sideways" in those as I go around - ;))

This little table topper certainly won't win any awards -

But it's a great little practice piece -

And practice is just that -

Practice -

Right? - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

So glad you are seeing progress. See it does help. Hugs.

Gene Black said...

Yes, the practice does help a lot. You can practice the directions that are more difficult on smaller pieces (practice sandwiches) to make that part more fluid also.

Katie said...

Glad you're finding your rhythm. What about moving the machine to go different directions? Work from the back or side instead of the front. With little machines we have that option....longarms, not so much! But good for you working to master all the directions. With my big machine, I don't struggle going different directions as much as reversing the pattern when I switch!


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