Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Quilt-Along - LHQSQ 2.0 - Blocks #26/27/28/29/30 - Done

I could stop right here -

And fill in some of the Side Triangles and Corners that I have cut -

But I had planned to make 25 Sampler Blocks -

So I think that I'll keep going - LOL - ;))

Block #26 - Two by Three -

Block #27 - 4-Patch Chain -

Block #28 - Rocky Road to California - Except that it isn't - LOL - ;))
I didn't notice until I linked to the other block -
That I have all of the 4-patches going the "wrong" way - oops -
Does that make it an original block - or a twisted variation? - ;))

Block #29 - Road to California -

Block #30 - Blue Chains -

So many ways to arrange the same units - just mix and match - ;))

I have easier blocks that I COULD make -

And I have more complicated blocks that I probably WILL make -

Or maybe I'll make a combination of both - don't know yet -

Lots of choices - ;))

This quilt is another version of the one already posted on the page/tab at the top -

LHQSQ - LHQ Sampler Quilt -

This is Version 2.0 - with only 25 blocks planned (not 99) -

And in a different colorway -

So -

Do you want/need the cutting/assembly instructions for these as I go along? -

Sometimes I make them in batches like this rather than one at a time -

And I could post how I do that - if you're interested -

Or do you want to follow the links to the original posts - and let it go at that? -

You can probably tell the units and sizes from the photos -

But if you want/need more information -

Let me know in the comments how much detail you would like to see - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

As long as you are posting the links to the originals (with instructions/sizes) I don't see a need to post it again. But if I were a new quilter, I might want to see it all in one place.

Katie said...

I think the links should be good, too. But you and I both know that won't please all the folks...


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