Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Today I found -

A couple more pieces to add to the Basic Math backing to get it up to size -
And sewed them all together - so the quilt top is ready to layer and baste -

Then I played with another ruler -
This time the "clamshell" - ;))

The bottom row was actually sewn vertically -
And - as you can see - I need to watch that video again - LOL -

I had trouble keeping the foot up against the ruler -
While sewing along the curve sideways -

I kept veering off - and then I had to get back to where I was supposed to be -
So I switched to a horizontal position for the rest of them - ;))

And it's funny - I can do it when I stitch "clamshells" "Free-Motion" -
But as soon as I put the ruler down and tried to follow it -

Somehow my hands didn't get the memo -
That the rows were supposed to stagger to the MIDDLE of the row below it - LOL -

So I tried it again - and repeated a couple of the rows -
And then tried some of the smaller "clamshells" at the top - ;))

Looking at the back - the tension was off - so I lowered the foot just a smidge -
And don't pay any attention to the thread mess -
I wasn't trying to be neat hiding my thread tails -
I was trying to get the ruler foot to follow the ruler -
And move the quilt AND the ruler in sync with the speed of my machine -

I obviously need a bit more hand/eye/foot coordination -

Than I had in my studio today - LOL -

So - I'll play with it some more later - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Several freemotion quilting teachers have said "some days that part just doesn't work for me, so I do something else."
I find that to be very true. I was having trouble with a section on the current quilt with straight lines. So I laid it aside and did something else. When I sat back down at it later, it just seemed easy.

Barb said...

I think I got the same ruler in the mail just a few weeks ago. They mentioned getting some grippers for the back of them to help steady them. I just need to look for the grippers. I tried the clam shell and you are right about it....

Katie said...

I have trouble sometimes following the ruler with my longarm. It takes practice for sure, but some days are better than others, too! But it is looking pretty good. And once it's in a quilt and not a dark thread on a light fabric, many problems will be hidden. Unless you intend to show them off, of course! (Also read: if you're crazy!)


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