Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Just a little bit -

Of progress these past few days -

In between all of the holiday festivities - ;))

First - a finished top for Frog Quilter - one more Quilty Hug -

The Jiffy Jelly™ Quilt - HERE - was finally sewn together last week -

Then some Free-Motion Quilting on my Christmas Blocks Table Topper 6 x 6 last week with more stitching done today - I still have two corner blocks to quilt and the last outer row of patches - but I'm taking my time - I'm in no hurry and enjoying every stitch -

And later today I made a few more itty-bitty 4-patches -

To join their friends for a scrappy quilt -

So -

Just enough to mark another finish for 2018 -

And then a little more to start the New Year -

Doing what I LOVE to do -

And having FUN while I'm doing it - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

Wow you've been busy. Thanks for another quilt top. I've been packing as I bought a house in NC and I plan to retire in the next couple of of months. Lots of life changes coming. So excited!

Gene Black said... made a great start to the New Year. Of course you have 11 months to finish that Christmas quilt. LOL

Linda Swanekamp said...

Sounds like sew much fun! Love all your work and your attitude! Look forward to more great finishes.

Jeanna said...

You are already on a roll in 2019. Good for you. Those four-patches would make a great scrappy quilt.


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