Thursday, December 3, 2020

Christmas colors - 12/3/20 -

I sewed three sets of strata today - 

And then saw that I had two sets with two of the same fabrics in them - 
Strip #1 - RED (Main Diagonal) and Strip #5 - NEUTRAL -  

I try not to do that - 
I need TWO matching strata to make six matching blocks - I call that a "set" -
But if I have two more of the same "Main Diagonal" fabric -
the first RED in this case -
I try to mix up the other four fabrics so that I have some variety - 
I missed it this time - so I checked to see if I had missed it on any others - 
And I had - so I fixed it by swapping out the "matchey" ones - 
It's easy if I keep the "sets" together -
What I do to one - I do to the other - so they remain "identical" - 
So - three sets down - five more to go -
Then I can press them all - 
And get them cut - ;))


And a special note to Scarlet - Welcome to my blog!! -
You are a "no-reply" commenter so I'll answer your question here -
The jelly rolls I'm using are from Jelly Roll Fabric - dot - net -
(all lower case - no spaces) -
Limited Edition Vintage Christmas Colors Bundle - 40 strips total - set of 2 rolls - 
Those are no longer available - I got them on sale a while ago -
but they still have quite a selection of Christmas rolls - HERE

Your Blogger profile does not show an email - so please email me at -
caseyq19 - at - gmail - dot - com - then I can reply to you directly - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 

1 comment:

Gene Black said...

I love that these are "near solids." It adds a nice visual texture to the strata.


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