Sunday, December 20, 2020

Green - Sunday

All of the segments have been cut - and rolled up - 
For my Upstairs/Downstairs - Christmas - GREEN -  

So I need to "sort" them into piles for the different block combinations -

Unroll it - 

Separate the segments - 
And make a pile for each of the different strata - 

I think this might actually work - LOL - 

Then - four more rolls to sort for this batch - 

All sorted - 
Four different sets of strata - 
30 segments in each pile - 
Enough for six identical blocks - 

I peel off six for the "first" column of the block - 
And will sew the other 24 into tubes - 
No sense in sewing all 30 of them - 
Six are already "un-sewn" at the correct spot - 

I fold the 24 in half - 

And "reverse" the top six -

So I remember NOT to sew them into tubes - 
Set it aside on the cookie sheet - 
I LOVE my cookie sheets! - LOL - 

Do a quick check of the next set - 

With a side-view - like a deck of cards - 

An odd-ball strip will be easy to spot - 

Then I sorted the rest of them - 
Each new "roll" will make six identical blocks - 

And - because my CDO* kicks in sometimes - 
I had to sort the "ends" and make them all nice and neat - 

And add the basket to the cookie sheet - 

Next up - sewing the "tubes" - 

I should be able to get that done tomorrow - 
And maybe sew some blocks -  

That would be nice - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

CDO is like OCD - but the letters are in alphabetical order -
like they should be - LOL - ;))


Jennifer Gail said...

You are just downright gifted.

Gene Black said...

I could probably use some of the organizational CDO that you have. LOL
Now to the fun stuff. Sewing some blocks.

Barbara said...

I agree with Jen, your organizational skills are impeccable. Your daily posts build the interest, and then suddenly VOILA! A finished block and quilt appears! 😄


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