Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Murphy -

Has been messing with me - ;))
Murphy's Law - if anything can go wrong - it will - LOL -

This year I wanted to try to post something EVERY day - 

And I was SO close before I got tripped up - 
This might not be my "regular" 12:30 AM post - 
But it IS a post for December 29, 2020 -
So I barely made it - ;))
I woke up yesterday morning - Monday -
Made my coffee - turned on my computer -
And picked up the phone to make my first call of the day -
To see - "No Line" - WHAT?!?!? -
No dial tone - no phone - GREAT!! -
Computer - no internet access - TERRIFIC!! - 
BOB may or may not have added some naughty words - LOL - ;))

My phone - internet - and TV are all provided by the same company - 

One goes out - they ALL go out - bummer!! -

So - one of my neighbors was kind enough to call the company for me - 

The soonest a technician could come out would be Wednesday afternoon - 

REALLY?!?!? -
The customer service representative said she would try to get someone out as soon as possible - if someone cancelled - or if a technician became available sooner -

Turned out he showed up about an hour ago - 

And fixed whatever it was -
(I'm not that tech savvy to understand ANY of it - just FIX it - OK?
 I don't need details!) -

And I'm up and running - YAY!! - 

BOB wants to know how they expect me to call for a repair if my phone is out - 

And how I'm supposed to "go online" for tech support if I have no internet access - 

And why they call me with the status of my "ticket" -
Without giving me a "ticket" number - 
On MY number which doesn't work -
Instead of the number my neighbor provided as a contact number - 
BECAUSE my number doesn't work - ?!?!?!? -
Just sayin - LOL - ;))
By the way - I did some more sewing while I had nothing else to do - LOL - 
And I'll try to get that together for my "regularly scheduled programming" -
To go "live" at 12:30 AM tomorrow morning - 
For now - because every post needs at least ONE photo - 
Here's one of the strata all cut and sorted on the cookie sheet - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

I always loved how the power companies offered the option to go online and see an outrage map. Before cell phones had unlimited data, and before many of us even had them able to connect to the internet minus power, I thought that absurd. I still do because with no land line and no power, do you really think I'm going to waste precious battery finding out if I still don't have power as I sit in the dark? (Yeah, I can check it from work, but mostly I'd rather be too busy there to worry about it!) Anyways, glad your issue was solved quickly and you can continue with daily posts without a glitch. Just a few more to go!

Gene Black said...

LOL, I have been there and thought "Why are you wasting my time with a recording of how I can do it online, when I am calling because my internet doesn't work???"

Cindy Quilts said...

Glad you are back online! I think it is assumed that everyone has a cell phone these days so everyone should be able to use their cell phone to go online or call to report issues. I have been through something similar this year. Frustrating.


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