Saturday, March 30, 2013

Are you superstitious? -

Most of you know that I do my stuff early -

And then "schedule" it -

To run “live” on certain days -

To give me a chance to actually SEW something - ;))

So by Wednesday -

I had posts scheduled for Friday and Easter Sunday - ;))

Now I'm not particularly religious -

But I am a bit superstitious -

And I realized - while I was “scheduling” -

That my six hundred sixty-sixth post was coming up -

So I had it scheduled for Sunday -

Just in case there is anything to the "specialness" of that number - ;))

Sunday - I figured if there was any bad "juju" attached to that number -

That it might be offset by any good "juju" attached to Easter - ;))

I don't really believe in either - but - as they say - it can't hurt - ;))

And then I figured that I would just get this over with -

And let my Easter Sunday post -

Be my Easter Sunday post - ;))

So THIS is my six hundred sixty-sixth published post -

And I’m posting my six hundred sixty-seventh one in just a minute - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. One of my cashiers used to ring up an extra penny if the customer's total came to $6.66. I'm not superstitious per se, but why mess with the 'what if's'.....
    Have a Happy Easter.

    1. Oh, good - it's not just me - ;))

      You Have a Happy Easter, too!!

  2. LOL Too funny. Love the logic.

    1. Thanks, Linda - it's probably silly - but who knows - right?????? - ;))

  3. no point in messing with karma! BTW you were right---no circles, going to repurpose.

    1. You're right - no point - ;)) Talk to you later about the other - haha - ;))


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