Friday, March 8, 2013

Progress Report - 3/8/13

For this Progress Report -
I thought I would list the projects -
That I have been playing with since last time -
The ones currently “In Progress” -
And give you a Status Report on each -
Should have thought of this format sooner - ;))

St. Patrick’s Day Sudoku Quilt -
I got all of the blocks together -

To give you a better idea of the fabrics that I used -
Here’s a close-up of Block #5 -

And Block #6 -

Easter Sudoku Quilt -
Here’s a close-up of the fabrics -

You can’t really tell -
Because they are all pastel -
But the last two in the top row - Pink and Blue - are solids -
The second row Yellow and Purple are the same print -
The second row Green and third row Pink are the same print -
The third/bottom row Purple and Yellow are the same print -

It doesn’t really matter which order the fabrics are in -
One of each will show up in each and every block -
That’s the magic of Sudoku - ;))

I got all of the blocks together -

Maybe you can see better in this one -

Dresden Plate -
I found this in my stash a couple of weeks ago -
While I was looking for something else - of course - ;))

It’s a kit of Pre-cut Dresden Plate pieces -
Enough to make 30 plates -
To be appliqued to 14” blocks -

In case you’re wondering why I thought -
In my last post -
That $5 for 42 - 2-1/2” charms was expensive -

Check out how much this kit cost me -
Way back when -
$9.99 - ;))

So - for some mindless sewing -
I stitched up a couple of pair -
For a quarter circle - fan -
And put it on a blue background -

Then I tried it on a Pink Gingham print -
That I got from JoAnn’s thinking it was a “Woven” Gingham print -
(NOT the same thing - ;))

Anyway -
I kinda like how the Pink Checks show through the White fabric -
Very subtle -

And because the Dresden Plate kit fabric is a cotton/polyester blend -
(THAT should tell you how long it has been in my stash - haha) -
I think that I will leave the background block ”in” -
As opposed to cutting it out from the backside of the applique -
To help stabilize the block -

I don’t have to decide on the background fabric just yet -
I just wanted something handy -
That I don't have to cut -
That I don't have to sash -
That I don't have to plan -
That I can just SEW -

Unlike these guys -

Now I need to cut some sashing and cornerstones -

And continue on my merry way - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

P.S. - If you haven't already - go back to my last post and read all of the comments - ;))
We had some interesting information going back and forth - ;))

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