Friday, March 29, 2013

Friends -

When I started blogging -

One of my very first comments -

Was from Julie Fukuda - HERE - ;))

Julie is Left-Handed -

Lives in Tokyo -

And does everything BY HAND -

Her work is simply AMAZING - ;))

She is one very sweet lady -

And I am proud to call her my FRIEND - ;))

And it seems that she likes me too -

Because she is making a “Followers Quilt” -

And she made a block especially for me - ;))

You can read about it - HERE -


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. how sweet of Julie to do this for you! I think it should spin that way, leftish---as it just looks "wrong" the other way!

    1. Julie is VERY sweet - and YES - I agree - the Friendship Star should spin that way and - as Julie would say - we Lefties are in our "right" mind - ;))

  2. Someone once said, "Life is a grindstone, and whether it polishes you up or grinds you down, depends upon the stuff you are made of". I think leftys come up against that grindstone in so many ways in daily life that rightys don't even think about ... where the switch is located on a device, for example... that over the years, what doesn't kill us off, makes us tougher. I admire your grit and polish as well as your gentle side.


I love reading your comments -
they let me know that I'm not just talking to myself - ;))

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