Friday, March 22, 2013

BOB's back -

Some of you may have already noticed that -

BOB's back -

She got lonely over on her own little blog -

So she's back -

BOB and I are two sides of the same coin -

And it's hard to be happy happy all of the time -

When what I really want to do is rant - ;))

It reminds me of the line in "Dirty Dancing" -

"Baby" is telling "Johnny" - HERE -
We're supposed to do the show in two days, you won't show me the lifts, I'm not sure of the turns, I'm doing all this to save your a$$, what I really want to do is drop you on it!
So BOB is back -

And will rant or not -

Depending on her/my mood that day -

She/I may be funny -

She/I may be interesting -

She/I may be irreverent -

She/I may be politically incorrect -

She/I may be controversial -

She/I may offend some readers -

But she/I will definitely be ME -

It's my blog -

And I'll rant if I want to -

Rant if I want to -

Rant if I want to -

You would rant too -

If it happened to you* - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


For those of you who don't know -
I am paraphrasing the song lyrics of -
It’s My Party - Lesley Gore - HERE -

Songwriter(s): Herb Wiener, Seymour Sy Gottlieb, Wally Gold, John Gluck Jr
Copyright: Chappell & Co. Inc.


Katie M. said...

I never did get notices when BOB did a post... SO, I'm glad she's back and I won't miss any :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - ;)) It's funny that you never got notices when BOB did a post - the settings on both blogs are pretty much the same. But I have noticed that while the comments on both blogs are "embedded" - I can't "reply" to the ones on BOB's blog - so I'm really not surprised - Blogger does some weird things sometimes. Anyway - she's back and you won't miss any - ;))

Linda in Calif. said...

It will be easier for you with both of you here on this blog (hehehe) and easier for me too. So the change is welcomed. And yes, I recognized the song; very clever. (Which is not an adjective you listed.)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - it should be MUCH easier to do one blog. I had originally split it so that BOB's rants wouldn't interfere with the Left-Handed Quilting stuff that I wanted to share - but most of that is already posted and listed on my LHQ page/tab - so I figured that if other blogs could talk/post about stuff other than quilting - so could I. And thanks for the "clever" - BOB is a lot of things - but mostly I try to be "real" - ;))


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