Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LHQ - Binding - Front to Back

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Binding - Front to Back

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

I already showed you how I prepare my quilt bindings - (here) -

And some binding - "basics" - (here) -

Now I want to show you the standard method of attaching bindings - from the front to the back - and lest anyone think that these are "rules" - rest assured that this is simply - How I Do It -


Machine stitch the binding to front – then fold it to the back –

Reminder - if you want more binding to fold over to the back - 
you need to cut your binding at 2-1/2" - and - use a 1/4" seam allowance on the front

For this demo - we’re going to consider the PURPLE the “front/right” side
and the GREEN the “back/wrong” side

Machine stitch the binding to the front – purple
then fold it to the back – green

Turn the mini-quilt over to the green - “back/wrong” side –

Get yourself some clips –
Isn't it amazing how – if they can find a “quilting” use - they charge you more for their product?
I found these at Walmart – in the section that has kid ponytail holders and barrettes – same thing as they show in quilt supply catalogs – and way cheaper.

Fold the binding to the wrong side and clip it down to the corner

Skip the corner for a second and clip the bottom side up

Put another clip in the bottom – closer to the corner

Using a stiletto (or my plain-wrap cuticle stick – again from Walmart) –
Fold the corner - “bottoms up”

Fold the top side down and clip it

Now you can –

MACHINE STITCH IN THE DITCH FROM THE FRONT – trying to catch the back –

Good luck with that – I never seem to be able to catch the back the way you're "supposed" to - but I cut my binding at 2-1/4" and used the 3/8" seam allowance so I didn't have that much to turn to the back.

It may have worked if I had used a 1/4" seam allowance on the front - and if I had cut my binding at 2-1/2" instead of 2-1/4".  Remember Rule #2 - Do What Works For You!




I use a “quilter’s knot” on the ends of my thread
There are tutorials on the web if you google it – but for now – this is How I Do It.
I showed you how on my post LHQ – Embroidery Basics – but here’s another version.

I can’t hold the needle and take pictures at the same time – so bear with me
I used white thread so you could see it in the pictures – it shows up better on the dark fabrics.
Normally I would use a matching thread, of course – to match the binding – not the quilt.

Take the end of your thread

and wrap it around your needle three or four times

and – holding the wraps between your left thumb nail and index finger – pull the needle through with your right hand until it knots on the end

Straighten it out


I showed you how I did this on my post – 4/16/11 -

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Binding - Hand Sewing the Mitered Corner

Next up - an alternate method -

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie M. said...

You know...I have never done the quilter's knot at the end of a thread tail. I've always used my grandma's method of licking your finger, wrapping the thread around and rolling off your finger :-) Guess I'll have to try something new!

Chris said...

About darn time someone started speaking leftish!!! LOL I have been waiting!!

Rose said...

I never knew about "the bottoms up" hint at the mitered corners.
I'm going to have to give that a try.

Julie Fukuda said...

I got a call from my daughter in Oregon who was machine sewing a binding on a quilt her school class had made and she had forgotten how to miter the corners. So, there we went step-by-step over the phone ... kind of like the blind leading the blind. I finally told her to stop the machine, thread a needle and turn that sucker by hand, then resume the machine sewing. She got the project done faster than she would have by machine with my instruction. From now on I will refer her to you!


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