Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 6/13/11

Design Wall Monday - 6/13/11

So here’s what’s on my design wall today –


Yeah – I’m still playing with it – but - I HAVE made progress - 

I’ve been playing with starch and decorative stitches.
Thanks to all of you who left me tips and tricks in your comments – I really appreciate the help.

I like the clean lines and neatness of the bottom one in this photo – but I think it will really show if I screw it up – and precision will be tricky with all of the points and curves involved.

The top one is just too messy looking for me.  I wanted the stitches to slant along the curve - but I can't control my stitching that well just yet.

So I kinda like this one better - like Christina said in her blog a couple of days ago - with this one - Precision is optional.  I like that.  I still have some playing to do - with various stitch lengths and widths - but I really like the white thread on the blue.  A LOT.

Not sure I'm going to like having to twist and turn the quilt, though - to keep the stitches straight - so I think I might try for something "loopy" in free-motion - that might work.  So stay tuned -


I finished the top for B/W/R – Black Stripe – SEE!!
(I know - it looks just like B/W/R - Red Cosmo - but it's not!  Honest!  I'm making five of these suckers - and they all look alike - but they are just similar - not the same!)

And just so you can see what my sewing room looks like when I’m kinda in the middle of something – here you go - it's not always neat and tidy - but I do try -

See that pile on the left by the yellow flowers?  Just a bit of filing to do - one of these days - or maybe never -

So - I’m still playing with the Hawaiian Applique wall hanging – and last week I received a SPECIAL REQUEST for some help with embroidery stitches – so I worked on that for a while.  Here I'm playing with the starch and the embroidery tutorial - and cutting some stuff -

Oh, and last Friday I broke my foot – not THAT foot – my FMQ foot – thanks to Leah and her wonderful video.   But first I got an inexpensive generic darning foot to experiment with.  (No way I was going to futz with my expensive VIKING specific one - that damn thing cost me $75!) Anyway - I got the generic foot and I tried to bend the bar back into a U-shape like Leah said - but I couldn't get it small and tight enough to fit under the machine and the foot kept falling off.  When I tried to straighten the bar back out again - it broke off!  Oh, well - it still works - so I DON'T CARE!  I just care that I finally DID IT!  WOW!   What a difference it makes!  Just like the stinking table – I should have done it a long time ago!  THANK YOU, LEAH!

Last week I also had to pay close attention to my posting because of my 100th POST GIVEAWAY.  I had to be careful that my 100th POST actually WAS my 100th POST.
Anyway - it's over now - so I can post whatever and whenever I want to now.

Tomorrow is Two Question Tuesday.  In addition to two new questions I will be announcing the winner of my 100th POST GIVEAWAY.  

What giveaway you might ask? 

Well - unless you read last week's Two Question Tuesday - you probably didn't know anything about it.  It was the only post that mentioned the giveaway.  If you missed it - oh, well!  All I can tell you now is - like my kids used to say - "You snooze - you lose!"

I have already emailed the winner - and will officially post all of the comments - and announce the winner's name and the prizes she chose tomorrow.  Check it out.

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew


Katie M. said...

Well your 'messy' sewing room still looks better than my sewing room on it's best day :-) I look forward to seeing the Hawaiian block done - you're a lot more ambitious than I am! And as for the free motion foot - I love the open toe feet. When I did FMQ, I actually invested in a 'Big Foot' and loved it. 'See' you Tues!

Judee said...

Oh, NO! I missed it!!!$%$*&&@!
Your sewing room is still very neat. Like those last stitches.

Nina Marie said...

wow - love the peak at your sewing area!! Congrats on your finish!


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