Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LHQ - Fabric Stash Management


Soon I will reach my 100th post!

A VERY special day for me!

On that day I want to post photos of My Second Happy Place.  Photos of what I see every time I open the door and turn on the light in my "Fabric Stash Room".

Photos of my STASH.

I have been collecting my stash for years and years and years.

It was all part of my "retirement plan".

I am a certified fabricaholic and the staff at the local quilt shop would often tease me that I only worked to support my "habit".  They were right - I bought fabric and I "saved" it.

Now that I am retired - I'm having a lot of fun "using" it.


My sister rewrote a quote for me once -

Fabric is God's way of saying - "Sorry for all the sh!t!!" 


A couple of years ago – it became obvious that my Fabric Stash was getting the best of me –

and that it needed Management.  Serious Management.

My various projects were spilling out from my sewing room onto the dining room table and surrounding areas.  I had fabric in the house - in the garage - and even some in storage!!

I needed more "room" - or fewer projects - yeah, right!

I searched the internet and found this wonderful video – by Marilyn Bohn –


Marilyn had some really good ideas – but it just wasn’t my style. 

It would need some modification – to suit me and my style.

I needed to accommodate –
  • ·    fabric specific to a certain project - in a bin
  • ·    yardage over 2 yds - folded flat -
  • ·    yardage - 1/2 yard to 2 yards -
  • ·    fat quarters
  • ·    scraps

So I thought about it – a LOT

and since any "guests" who visit us usually stay at one of the nearby hotels -

we decided to convert the spare room into a "fabric storage/project planning room".

I LOVE to play with my fabric - it's good therapy and cheaper than a shrink!!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie M. said...

Fabric Stash Management???? Like that's ever going to happen to me! Really, I have a very modest stash and because so many of the quilts I do are charity, I try to work exclusively from my stash. Now getting rid of my scraps......they just keep growing in that bin - it must be bunny fabric :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie M - "Bunny" fabric - I like that! I thought it might be something in the water. ;)

Judee said...

Ok, I am ready to learn from you - again. Bring it on.


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