Friday, September 28, 2018

Cleanup & Tiny Wonky Star -

Today I was NOT in the mood to wrestle with my monster quilt so I decided to do a bit of cleanup and finish my Tiny Wonky Star instead -

First the cleanup -

This is what I had left when I trimmed the seams on my monster -

And after playing with that -

I wanted to finish the "middle" of the Tiny Wonky Star -

So I sat back and RELAXED and spent some time un-sewing all of the triangles to see what I could salvage - and for the first time in several days I didn't fret about whether or not my "experiment" was going to work - which it did - lucky me - ;))

Then - of course - I had to count the "bounty" - LOL -

There are 4 little triangles at the very top - 4 large ones at the top left - 10 that are Left-Handed below that - and 8 piles of 10 Right-Handed ones on the right with 6 extra below that - for a total of 104 usable bits -

Now I can use my LEFT-EZE™ Rule to trim these to 3-1/2" triangles and match them to HST and QST cut from 3-1/2" strips - that's the beauty of the numbers on this ruler - they are the STRIP SIZE - so there's no guessing - you automatically know what STRIP SIZE you need to match the units you already HAVE - ;))

Then the Tiny Wonky Star - I was going to make a tiny 4-patch for the center - but Gene suggested a twisted or off-kilter one - in keeping with the "wonky" thing - but then I wondered what it would look like with a "crumb" center - it's not like I don't have any - LOL - ;))

So I found one slightly larger than a corner square -

Trimmed it to size -

And I think it will work -

Sewed the top row - pressing the corner squares IN towards the middle -

Sewed the middle row - pressing the center OUT towards the sides -

Sewed the bottom row - pressing the corner squares IN towards the middle again -

I know a lot of people press the top and bottom rows OUT to the sides and the middle row IN towards the center square - but I "reverse it" - LOL -

When I get to the end - it's easier for me to press the finished 9-patch OUT from the middle to the top and bottom rows -

THEN - from the back -

The top and bottom center square seams are pressed IN -

And the side ones are pressed OUT -

The other way - ALL of the center square seams are pressed OUT - and I don't know how people nest the seams from one block to next if they all go OUT the same way - but then again - it's probably just me - LOL - ;))

My way - I have no problem nesting the seams - if they don't nest one way - all I have to do is rotate one unit a quarter turn - and the seams will alternate - one set will go OUT - one set will go IN - easy peasy - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

The tiny star looks good with the scrappy center - good call Gene! But the big question is...what will you do with the "bounty"?!

Gene Black said...

Hmmmm... I need to grab my blocks and see how I have been pressing the seams. Will they nest block to block?

I love the crumb block center. It is perfect and a very "you" way to finish it. It looks really good too. I call it a WIN!


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